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"I am jennifer jade, I have a very interesting life. I am a 26 years old woman from Texas, I am a professional model, porn actor, pornstar, and the mother of a child who just had his third birthday. I have a beautiful body, and a hot voice that panties porn I love to talk about. I also love to make people happy and help people with their porn dreams. I have been a stripper for 7 years and am a full time stripper now. I love my family so much and am very grateful for the support that has come from all of my fans. I am also a fan of any adult company that I am a part of. I have been in the business of porn for over 20 years and have never regretted my life. I have never been one of those women who are so desperate to meet their "husband". I sloppy deepthroat am just a regular girl who wants to share my story.

In order to get my first ever big-shot modeling gig in a major porn company, I needed the help of an amazing mentor, so I contacted the most trusted porn industry insider in Los Angeles, Mr. David Deen, who works as a Production Assistant on the famous porn studio, Red Hot. Mr. Deen has a unique relationship with each of the porn stars that work with him and has never once given me a bad review, even when my work was bad. The first time that I got my first modeling gig in porn, Mr. Deen was there to greet me with a hug and a smile. I was nervous to get his full attention, but he smiled and embraced me so warmly and I felt so special, I almost forgot how special he was. As a very small child, I remember how we always sat next to him in our kindergarten classroom, where he always had his arm around me and would kiss me on the lips. He was always very protective of me and always said he was always there for me and would protect me when I was in trouble. That's the kind of man he is. That's why I was so excited to meet him!

My first time in a porn shoot was at a local adult club called Big Tit Cock. I remember seeing a huge group of horny devyn cole men and one man sitting next to me, Mr. Deen. He looked like a monster! I felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable around him, but I was too shy to say anything, so I just stood there looking at his large round ass and giant dick. He didn't move when we were out on the stage. Then he came back and took his cock out. I was scared shitless. After my first time I knew I was in trouble because I couldn't tell him how much I liked his cock.

Afterward, I realized I would have to talk to him. So I did. I talked to him about sex, and I told him all about his penis. Then he said, "I don't know if you were expecting that, but I don't need you to be a jerk about it. If you can't handle the situation, don't come back." At that point, he really knew me. I asked him if he would be okay if I went on a date with him. He said, "Why would you want to date me? I'm just going to be an asshole to you." I told him I could do that. He told me that he would have sex with me on the spot. Then I told him that it was probably the only sex I would have with a real human. He asked me if I had any problems with it. I told him no. Then he said, "I'm a man. I can handle any situation. You know why? Because you are a woman." It didn't matter that I was a woman. I wasn't ashamed of who I was. He was. I didn't want him to know that I wasn't a virgin.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have said that. I think I should have said, "I'm not a virgin. And I'm not attracted to men. I'm a woman. If you ever want to have sex with me, we can go for a ride." But, I just wanted to be honest with him. Maybe, I think, it's okay to be attracted to someone other than a man. In all seriousness, I don't like men. The fact that my dad is gay, makes me feel like an outcast, because I don't fit into the norm. I know that there is a world of men who are not like that. But I've been looking for a guy to love me all my life. That's a very big responsibility to take on, and one that I'm not ready to take on. I've tried dating before, and I don't like the way the guy I was with treated me. I didn't find a guy who had that much chemistry, and I didn't like the way he treated my dad. So, I guess I'm out on my own. I am not a porn star. I'm not a porn-star-babe. That's a whole other ballgame. I just want to keep making movies with real people, and not be on the outside looking in. And you know what? I am actually interested in being in a relationship, but I am still too young to get married. I just don't want to settle down until I'm sssniperwolf ass older and can actually raise a family. I'm probably not ready mother daughter exchange club to take that step yet. I don't know if that's something I'll ever be ready to do either. But I still feel like I'm growing up, and I'm definitely going to be a different person in a couple of years. I do have my future to think about. And I do still enjoy watching my videos, even if they're from now on.

For the record, I'm not the least bit concerned that this is going to be my last post on this blog. I'm not sure what I'll do when that day comes, but I've already made a big promise to myself and to my future self: I will not stop writing this blog and I will continue to grow as an adult performer. My future is looking a lot brighter than the past few months, which has been a pretty horrible ride. If you'd like to keep up with me and see how I'm doing, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can watch my videos, read my blog posts, and see my upcoming projects! And for all the wonderful comments, if you think I've gone overboard in my love and respect for the ladies in this post, please let me know, so I can be even better to them. Also, if you'd like to share this wakfu hentai blog post on any social media network, I'd be very grateful. I'm not really that into Instagram and Facebook, but the amount of love and support these places have shown me has been invaluable. Please share this post with your friends, family, and colleagues and make this blog a part of their everyday lives. Thanks again for reading, and enjoy my journey with jennifer jade!

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I am jennifer jade. I am a porn star, adult film star, professional webcam girl, and writer. I am a 24 year old blonde who started out as a model and transitioned into porn (I'm a "porn star" as well as a performer). I'm bisexual, and I am also a "faggot". I have a degree in sociology, I've never been arrested in my life, and I've never been on probation. I indian sex scandals don't even own a car (I do my best to get around on a bicycle, however, I am not a very good cyclist). I have a lot of experience with BDSM, role-playing, and fetish activities, and I enjoy writing and being in a relationship with other people. I'm happy with who I am and will always remain the same person I was before I started having sex.

Jenny is from Chicago, Illinois. I'm a 21 year old lesbian with a degree in Psychology. I'm very open-minded and I'm glad to be able to tell you all about my life. It's just that sometimes you're not meant to share all that information, or all that much, on a dating site. I'm a very open and free-spirited girl, and I have a lot of opinions and experiences, but I think it's very important to just let the other person know what they can expect from you before you start doing anything sexual with them. I've never done drugs, never been in trouble with the law, and have no intentions of ever hurting another human being, so I really don't want to hurt anyone. I would not mind talking to other women about things I know about them, or have had experiences with, but I would never have to lie to them or put myself in danger, and I hope to never do that ever again. You might want to consider talking to some of these ladies and seeing how they feel about talking to someone like me. I'd like to start a few of them up, to see what kind of stuff they'd be into and what they'd like to do with me. I think I could also be a great girlfriend, and that I'm really cute, so I can make my friends really happy. So let's just do this. Thanks.

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So I'm a very laid back girl, I think, and I'm always on the lookout for sex. I really like men, or at least a lot of them, and I'm a virgin, so I'm always looking for partners, even if I don't necessarily know the names of them. Usually they're nice guys, or maybe they're just nice guys who happen to be men. Most of the guys I meet at the bar or a place like that, it's pretty obvious that they're guys, but some are really good at keeping their options open. Usually I get invited to a party and everyone is already here and I go, "Hey, are you guys friends with anyone over here?" So I'm like, "Of course I am, I know you guys like me. We hang out all the time." And that's when, "Oh, yeah, they're friends with some of these other guys in here" and they're like, "Yeah, and they were in that movie I saw." And I'm like, "I don't even know who they are." And they're like, "Oh yeah, I remember that one, it's great." "Oh, it's great too, but I didn't know you had seen it." "Yeah, it was great." "So do you want to come over tonight?" And I'm like, "I've been really busy with school and work, so I'm not sure if I should go or not." "Why not?" "I can still come if you need me." So I go, "Oh, okay. Cool." "I don't think I can, though." "Oh, really? Well, then I guess you could come on over when we have some time to kill." "Thanks!" "See you tomorrow, bye, bye." "Bye, bye." I usually go over that evening or next day. That's usually when I talk to the guys that I met that night or last night. Like, I like that guy, or maybe I want to date him. Or sometimes, I might just want to talk about it or maybe I'm just feeling the need to break up with someone. So, I just do whatever the hell I want.