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1. What does a porn star look like?

A porn star's appearance is very important in the adult industry. The majority of porn stars are seen wearing different types of outfits and clothing. A lot of people who watch porn will know what type of clothes the performers wear when they're in the porn scenes. Some of these costumes can be seen in some of the pictures below.

2. Do you have to be a model to work in porn?

The porn industry is very diverse. A lot of porn performers are also model or stand-up dancers. Some of them even have their own websites! But for every porn performer that has a website or does work as a model, there is one person who doesn't have one. They work as a stand-up dancer or model but don't want to become an adult star. That person is the one that will be featured in this article!

3. How do you go about finding a job in porn?

The first thing you should do is go online and look for jobs. Most porn studios and adult star sites have job listings on their websites. There are usually some positions for people who have never worked as an adult. Some websites also list all the porn stars who have worked in the past. You also can check out websites that are used by porn stars and performers. Some of them list all the movies and photos that were used. Some of the names are real and some of them are fake, but you can always be sure that it will have the pictures and videos of the porn stars that you will need.

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