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This is a very interesting article. It's not that I disagree with the content or that the author is wrong on the issue, but if it's true that porn actors don't have to disclose their past life in order to make a living in Hollywood, then I can't help but wonder if it could be just a matter of time before we see an actor or actress who didn't make their past life public to make money in the porn industry, and then come out with another "fake" life. (Note: this might be just another one of those "one in a million" stories.) This is one of celeb thumbs the most interesting issues about the future of the porn industry that I've read. I know that the author is writing as an insider, but it still sounds very alarming to me. In any event, it's worth reading. (Note: this article is an excerpt from a forthcoming book titled "Naked" by Jenna Jameson, which is about a porn actor who makes a living acting in adult content. The book is currently on sale for $24.95 in the Kindle store.) I hope you find it interesting.

When we first started seeing porn stars in porn films, it seemed like the mainstream media would be the ones to write about them. We got to see them perform, and we got to watch them get fucked in various ways. As much as we loved it, we were a little worried that the mainstream media might be too easily influenced by the porn industry, which is a very big business. We've become accustomed to the idea of our porn being watched by people who know nothing about it, and we can't imagine anyone being too happy when they see a picture of the porn star in a bathrobe, or an old Playboy bunny. If you've ever thought that maybe it was a little unfair to expect the mainstream media to know about porn, then this article is for you. This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book titled "Naked Sex: An Anthology of The Porn Blog." It's a compilation of the most notable and exciting porn blogs that I know of. Porn-blog articles are the ones that most people are going to stumble upon, so I wanted to write this one to give you a taste. Most of these are about adult content, but a few are about other things. In addition to all the different kinds of adult content, there are also some non-porn related stuff. It's not a bad thing to have things like that. But you should know that this is a book by a writer who specializes in the genre. I think this book is a real treat, and I recommend it. The one thing about the sex-blog articles is that they are often written by girls, or women, that are in a sexual relationship with their partners, or with other guys or guys in their same relationship. This is where I want to focus the blog. The majority of the writers here are women. They are here to talk about their relationships, and how they do, or don't, feel about it. And because the majority of the readers are girls, they're usually pretty straightforward in terms of their feelings about it. If a reader wants to find out more about how they feel about the sex-blog, they just ask the writer what they're doing in the bedroom. But they don't just want to know what she thinks of it, they want to know how she feels. And that's where I come in. This is a sexual website, and so that's what I'll be writing about. I'll be focusing on the different areas in which a woman can feel comfortable expressing her own sexuality. And of course, there are no rules. All you need to do is ask the question. Just because the answer isn't the same as what you want to hear doesn't mean it's bad. I've seen people that were too scared to ask the question for some reason. I want to show you that you don't have to be scared to ask. I think it's pretty awesome to have a lot of freedom of choice. There are plenty of people out there that are comfortable with the way they express themselves sexually. If you are, I think this article should open your eyes and let jamaican porn you know what you can do. If you have a more conservative mindset and are uncomfortable with things that go on in porn, this is not for you. In fact, I hope you are too embarrassed to ask questions about porn or adult content. But I think that's fine. You are your own person.

It's a nice, fun read. It'll definitely get you thinking. I was reading some of the comments after the article went up. Some people were concerned about the use of porn for sexual education. Others said they'd been interested in porn and not even known what it was. Some of the comments also said the article was biased in favor of the performers involved and the actresses who appeared. So, I decided to take a look at the other side of the picture. So I wrote this article. I hope it's of interest to everyone.

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