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In this case, the name is just a placeholder. You know that there will be something else named "Katelyn Ohashi", I am just trying to save space. I hope I have convinced you. If you have any comments or requests, please leave them below. Thanks for reading. Katelyn Ohashi, Adult Star, is the first ever Asian adult performer, and she is known as one of the most well known adult actors in the world. She is a native of the United States and is known for her acting and modeling. Her most popular role is in the Adult Video Network (AVN) and the Playboy Channel (Boys Don't Cry). She has over 150 scenes with an amazing array of different partners. She has also appeared in numerous films with some of the biggest stars in the world. Most recently, she appeared in her first film, "Bitch Planet", released in September 2013. This film was an action-packed, high energy, and erotic-packed experience. It is an unforgettable experience and a must-see! Enjoy it, and stay tuned for future installments of this blog!

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