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A beautiful girl with a great body. Her natural body shape could not be more perfect. She has really good curves too. She is a pretty girl. If she could look like this all the time, I would never need to eat or sleep. I mean, I can see why a real person would be proud of her. I can even see how she would look in a video. A real girl in a real video. If you ever wanted to know more about katie swan, I am sure you would find that it all came from her. And, what is even better is she has a real life. Katie Swan is a real porn star. She is currently working as a porn star. Katie Swan is one of the most successful adult performers today. She has amy brooke an enormous fan base of adult fans. Katie Swan was born in 1991. She was the first girl to enter the adult industry, and is known for her hot sex scenes. Katie Swan has appeared in numerous porn movies. She has a reputation for her sex scenes and also the ability to give a good blowjob. Katie Swan is an American pornographic actress. She has starred in over 100 sex scenes for sites such as Brazzers, Vivid, Tgirls, Hustler and Big Tits. She was the first female adult performer to work at the AVN Awards in 2006. Katie Swan's most popular porn scene is titled "Hot Girl on the Inside." It has been viewed over 7 million times. Katie Swan's other porn career also includes "Tit Fuck" and "Tit Fuck & Shower". It is an American porn site based in Miami, FL. Katie Swan has a lot of friends and family who have been interested in sex and she is usually a first-timer.