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Katja kassin

Katja kassin is a German adult actress and porn star. She is also known by her stage name Katja Klassen. She is known for her sex scenes in German adult films, which were produced between 2004 and 20

Katja kassin was born in Cologne in 1994. In 2011, she was awarded the Best Actress award in the German film industry. Katja's role is also in the movies The Best Sex of Our Lives (2009), Vogue Girls (2009), and The Girl Next Door (2011).

Katja Klassen's favorite sex position is missionary. Her favorite position in all kinds south park porn of sex films and porn films is the double penetration. Katja was a model in Germany in 2007. Katja has already won the AVN Award for Best Actress in 2008 and 2010. Katja Klassen won the Best German model award in 2007. She is known as the "Girl Next Door" in 2009. She made her debut in the porn-video "" on October 11, 2009 and became the first German porn star to be featured in the website's new section of the site called "Flesh Pics".

"Sex with Katja Klassen" "Klassen" (from German: "Klassen" meaning "Kisser", the German version of "Katja") is a German porn star with an impressive career to her name. Katja is an adult model. She has appeared in porn-video films such as "Lilo Love" (2009), "Klassen" (2010), "Klassen 2" (2012), "Klassen 3" (2014), "Klassen 4" (2016) and "Klassen 5" (2017). "Pornstars and porn"

The first part of the "Pornstars" article describes her career and career goals, she is the author of the book "Girls Love Porn". As a model, Katja has participated in various fashion models for various clothing brands such as: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Dior, Gucci, and more. She is also an actor for television and movies, including: "Klassen 1", "Klassen 2", "Klassen 3", "Klassen 4" and "Klassen 5". Katja is currently playing in the adult film "Sugar Babies". In 2014, Katja and a friend were arrested in Munich, Germany after a dispute and later, the film was taken down, but it was re-uploaded a few days later.

Katja Kassin's career in porn is very interesting, as she has always pursued her dreams of becoming an actress and porn star, even before she was even in her teens. As a teenager, she started modeling, in her early teens, in the nude. However, she didn't have any experience working in porn as she was very shy in front of the camera. However, after getting out of modeling, she began working in adult films. After a couple of years, she got a small role in an adult film. She nikki eliot got to know her fellow performers and it turned out she was one of them. Katja soon became one of the most popular porn stars in the adult industry and became a star herself. Katja is a sexy adult star who has already become a success in the adult world. She has been in many adult movies and has also been in some very famous porn movies. It was about the time she made the porn movies that she realized the porn industry was not for her. She then started modeling and had some very good success in that. Katja is a sex-positive and fun person. She is also a very popular porn star. Katja is a very sweet person who loves sex as much as possible and likes to have a lot of fun with her fans. If you would like to talk about sex, katja kassin is the woman for you. This girl is also known as the porn-star of jessica drake the new year. She is an extremely sexy, sexy and fun babe. She is an angel of God. She is very popular in every porn-star 's world and a very popular porn-star in Russia. She is a really fun and sexy chick that is fun to watch with and is great fun to talk with.

I have known Katja for quite a while, because she was in our first porn-show together in 1999. She is a real porn-star. She is so popular in the porn-scene. She is very good in front of the camera and her attitude is great. I was really lucky because the other guys knew I could also work as a porn-star. We started our porn-show together in the summer of 2002. We made this show for a local magazine. So I have met Katja for the last six years. We are the same age and she is really cute! I don't mind the nude scenes because we are in a party scene. I really like this kind of sex. I like it when we have a lot of sex. Katja is the kind of person who is a little nervous when she is going to have sex. But I think she has a great time and she is very good at sex. If I'm not horny, she is the sexiest person I've ever seen! When we were filming for the video and photo shoots, I could tell she was really happy to be doing sex scenes. She loved being with a man. Sometimes I would want to tell her, "Katja, do it faster."

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