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These are the problems that her family and friends are going to have to deal with, not the problems she has faced in her life thus far. In the meantime, she has the opportunity to be part of a community that is growing, that cares about her, and that she enjoys. And if she makes it to the end of this article, I can guarantee you that she will have found support, community, and love that she does not have right now. But her story is so unique, and it is so exciting that I wanted to make sure that you were able to read this article, to know about her, to experience her life, and to be able to experience it again in the future. Here is Kayla: Kayla Lauren was born to a loving mom and dad and a supportive, loving step dad. She has been living with her mom, family, and step dad since she was about 7 months old. She has had a great childhood, and as you can see from the photos, has grown up in an amazing, loving home. She has been very healthy and happy. 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