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Kayla Lowden was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She was a very active kid. Her favorite pastimes were skateboarding and swimming. Her favorite movies were "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Star Trek: TNG". She loved the original Star Trek series, but she thought the show was a bit boring when compared to the films and was very disappointed by the new show "Star Trek: Voyager". She was a big Star Trek fan.

Kayla was the first in her family to get into the adult industry, but she knew that it wasn't something she'd want to do. "I didn't know how it would work out," she said, "I just knew I'd need more experience to make the transition from a child star to an adult star." Kayla's mom was not happy about the fact that she had been spending so much time with the adult industry. "I think she was worried that it would make me crazy," she said. "She didn't want me going to this. She thought it was too much." Kayla's mom worried that going out to work was going to ruin her daughter's reputation. "She wasn't sure I was right for it, but I think she was very worried about me." Kayla's mom is very positive about her daughter, but there were still some things that worried her. "She doesn't like to sleep in hotels. If she's going to work, she needs to go to a hotel," she said. Kayla said that she got the idea to become an adult porn star from seeing a documentary about adult performers. "I thought it would be very cool if I could make some kind of a living doing something I like doing. I was interested in this because I feel like I can make some money doing it. I wanted to be in the movie so bad." Kayla said that she was able to convince her mom to let her do it. "The only thing that scared me is when they started filming and my mom was like 'okay, I guess I have to get my permission because they're taking pictures. Can you just leave me alone?'" I'm sure the only thing Kayla has to fear are the photographers. She has never had a problem with photographers. "Yeah, I know some people do that, but it's only been recently and only in a couple of the places that I've been. I don't have a problem with them, I'm just not into it." It's been a few years since she's shot a porn movie. Kayla had done several shoots with porn stars before the shoot at "Hot House". "But I didn't want to make it a big deal so I just got on set and said 'okay, so what's your name? Just tell me." Kayla says that she has only filmed with a couple of pornstars, but she's always been friendly with them. "You know, I've seen them on the internet and seen them in porn, but to see them in the flesh is awesome." Kayla is still not a big fan of porn. "I've always been very conservative. But I think porn has changed, you know? I don't know how it's changed but it's just not the same as how I remember it. " She has had no problems getting work in other places. She has worked with pornstars in both England and USA. "They were very nice, but I didn't think they were that great. But now they're better, and it's a different world now." Kayla Lowden: "It's so funny because I was in the film "The Naked Gun 3" and I had to shoot a scene where I had to put my shirt back on. It was so hot to do that, but it was like I had just shot the most horrible thing. The director, Dan Aykroyd, was so nasty and he was always saying, 'That was horrible! What was that?' It was like I was a pig that had had its head chopped off. It was really bad. " Kayla Lowden: "Then I'd have to do something like "Bite Back". I was always playing with it, always taking liberties with the script, and I just thought it was such a good script for the movie. I just thought that I was going to have a lot of fun with it. There were these little bits and pieces, and then the director says "Well, what if it is the other way around? What if Kayla is the good guy?" And I said, "Oh, absolutely." And that's how I got in there." Dan Aykroyd: "She's got a great sense of humour, but she's very sharp. She's a good girl and she's going to go down as a movie star in the future." Kayla Lowden: "I know. When the movie came out in '93 I got all sorts of e-mails from people saying that this was the sexiest movie they'd ever seen. And teen creampie they said I look exactly like Jennifer evilangel Love Hewitt. I couldn't believe that my life had just gotten a lot sexier." Kayla Lowden, age 12: "I was the most popular girl in my class. I was a model, model student, model teacher, and then a model for a company called A-Max, and then as a porn star, I was in 'The Caddyshack' movie. All of that came together at age 12. I was so busy with all the other things I was doing at the time, and I couldn't remember what I was doing when I did this movie. I don't know why it was that I did it." Kayla Lowden, age 13: "My mom was my best friend growing up, and she's been my mom ever since. She's kind of the first person I called in a lot of my problems. When I was a little girl she got me some books, and I read them a lot. I always used to come to the store and talk to her, and we'd go out for a beer or something, and I used to call her and she'd take me out on a walk. She's always been the big sister." Kayla Lowden, age 13: "One day I got a text message from my mom and she had gotten a job at a store hot navel and was looking for someone to help with some of the things she didn't understand about. We met up and she was really nice, but she just kind of didn't understand. It took me a lot of talking to her, and eventually I told her I'd take some time off to finish up my schoolwork, and when I came back she said, 'Oh, hey, you have time to get some porn? How about you?' So that's how it started." Kayla Lowden, age 13: "I frozen hentai used to watch the girl porn in the store. We would always take the camera out and get a little masturbation going. I was very sexual, especially when I was a kid. I was always looking for things to do, or things to see. I'm not gay and never wanted to be." Kayla Lowden: "I got more interested in girls when I was younger. But when I was in middle school I got more attracted to boys. I didn't get into porn until college. I don't know why that is, but it happened so quickly. My friends didn't want to see me having sex. I had to do things my own way because no one else in my class was going to. When I graduated I started getting into girls and girls I liked. Then when I moved out, I started looking into boys and I was into them all the time. I am sure there are things that I would change, but I'm glad I'm not a virgin anymore. I am also happy that I am not a slut anymore. I know that most of you reading this, especially those of you that are girls and boys, have been raped, and it's not cool to have that kind of story and know that it is a problem. It just shows how you can't control anything that happens in life. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you have a question about the article, or need more information about sex and how it can be so different for some people and not for others, please contact me at the email I use on this site.

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