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She is the daughter of famous porn director, Karolina Karanja, who makes jav reddit her porn scenes. She got into the adult industry at the age of 17. She was originally called "Kirilina" and was already a popular porn star, but her real name is Kimi sable. She got her sex scene, "Kari sable", filmed in 2013, for a film called "Dollhouse", and her videos became very popular. She's the girlfriend of the director, and she's the main girl in the group, called "Femme sable", which is also very popular in Germany. Her porn-scene is an extremely hot porn scene with two girls: a blonde and a brunette. She is also famous in other German porn scenes. Her first porn-scene was called "Tie in da Werk" (It is a tie), in which she was tied to the bed, with her legs spread. In the first scene, she had a big cock, and she was sucking it. She was also tied up. Now she has another big cock in her pussy. In this video she has anal sex with the guy, who makes his way over to her pussy. It was so big that they had to cut off the whole of the camera and put it on the floor. It was the first time she made anal sex scenes in her life. She got a lot of money and had a great career. Now she is a famous porn star and has a whole series of new videos. This was from the blog of a pornstar called keri sable. If you ever wanted to find out more about adult content and porn stars, this is for you. Now she has another big, new video to show. It's called "The big cock slut keri sable." She does lots of anal and does it with her big dicks. I don't know what she would think of if she saw this on this site. So if you don't want to see this on the blog, just read about it elsewhere.

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