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On September 14th 2013, khloe kardashian uploaded a picture of herself at the beach, but not at the beach, in her private room. I'm a girl. This doesn't bother me. I like having her pictures in my life, even if I don't know how they got there. On December 1st 2013, a few days later, a very sexy naked girl with big boobs, and a little black skirt, and the hair in the middle is posted on the same page as khloe kardashian. I'm a girl. I'm not too interested in what's on the other side of her picture. Maybe it's just because it's so beautiful. On February 20th 2014, another naked picture of khloe kardashian appeared on the same page. Then, the other naked girls who didn't appear in this article disappeared. The article is still available in the blog's search field. I'm not sure why this page disappeared so soon, and I can't find any link to it. I don't know who posted this article and who will keep it up. I think this is very interesting. This is probably a huge scandal that the entire world should be interested in. However, I'm afraid it will stay hidden. There are many other nude models on this same blog, all of which are extremely beautiful. It could be that some of the models who wrote this article are being paid to do this. This is a big problem in the porn industry. I don't know. However, the people behind this blog do. If you would like to know more about this scandal, check out this page from porn industry insider. It explains everything in detail.

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