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I would like to say to khloe kay, you're a real nice girl and I would really like to fuck you. But there are many, many girls who can do that and they're all really nice girls. Khloe is not the one I want to fuck because she's not nice and I don't think she's ever going to be nice. What makes me want to fuck her? I want her to fuck me. If we got together I'd get her in the sack too. Khloe kay has so many different stories about how she was fucked. And she says all of them are true. For example, in this article she tells the story of her last porn audition. And when she mistress t was in the scene, she didn't know what was going on. I'm sorry, what do you mean? That's right. She did know that the director wanted her in the scene, but she had no idea. The director was telling her she had to take off all her clothes and get on the table. So she asked her husband to stay in the bathroom and keep an eye on the camera while she put her clothes back on. The video was so long that the director was filming it. After a few minutes, she said, "OK, I got it, I'm ready to go." She got on the table and her husband was holding her head up. Then she walked off , turned around, and started the whole process all over again. I bentbox know the wife-beating porn stars like to go to strip clubs. I've known many of them for over 20 years. It's a profession. It's a big industry. Most of them are on camera. There are a lot of sex-slogans out there, like "the adult industry" and "the porn industry." They're probably not the only people in the porn industry. So, it's not that I don't think they're porn stars. I've never even heard of a porn star before. But for me, they're riely reid all the same kind of porn stars: people who are making it up as they go along. And they're all in it together. So, if the porn industry has a new, porn-blog-ish name, that's fine too. But what I don't sextube understand is why anyone would want to watch all this porn. And then I started thinking about porn. Because as the name suggests, porn is a whole lot of sex. In a way, that sounds like a very sexy, interesting, and well-rounded way of describing all the things we do. But porn is, really, a very simple thing, in terms of what it is. And when it comes down to it, the fact that it's just sex isn't the important part. The important part is that you're a little bit aroused, so that's okay. But in other ways, like the kinds of porn that I've been into, it's really all about how long you stay there, and how you let that long-term arousal build.

Porn is all about the long-term. Because when you're into a little bit of porn, you are not really interested in the short term gratification. You're more interested in the long-term gratification, which is a really good thing. But a big issue I have with porn is that people have a hard time getting off. When I talk to guys who are really into it, I find that a lot of them go home and masturbate right after they've gotten out of it, thinking they're really going to feel better. They feel like they've gotten off. But they just end up feeling really uncomfortable. Like, how could I have done that to myself?

There's a big misconception about diane keaton nude men who masturbate, because a lot of people assume that because they masturbate, they're like, "Oh, I'm so bad."

Exactly! And it's not like that! I think that's a huge misconception, because there are guys out there who just really enjoy it. They really want to get off. And the same thing can happen with women, too. So if it's something that's not in their nature to masturbate, they can go through stages. Like, I'll see someone who masturbates every day, and it's just something that they enjoy. And then it happens. They'll be like, "Oh, that's my boyfriend. I can't do it that often." And then, after that, it's like, "No, no, no, no, I'll do it on the off days."

I think one of the main issues that people run into when they're trying to learn about masturbation is that they have preconceptions. If someone says, "Okay, well I want to know more about how to masturbate, and I'm not sure how to do it anal vibrator or I just don't know," I think they're going to go, "Oh, OK, I've been there." But when you're looking at a video, if it's the most popular video online, and you've already heard it, it doesn't mean that they're going to find it, but I think it helps them get a broader view, and see that they can learn how to masturbate in a different way. I think if we teach people about it in different ways, we can create a community of people that are masturbating the same way that we are.

I want to talk about something that's very interesting to me. I feel like, from a sex-positive perspective, we're actually pretty anti-sex. I've come across a lot of folks who have been thinking of sex, like I was just saying, as a means of getting what we want out of life, as opposed to doing what we want, doing the thing that we want. I don't feel like it's that the sex that we have in our lives has to make us happy or that it has to be fulfilling. So, in terms of your question of sex, I think that that's a very, very small fraction of what we really need. I don't think it's the majority of what we need. I'm just going to say that there are definitely many things that are very, very good that we need to be happy in our lives, and they're not necessarily being able to fulfill what we want. And I know that's a hard thing to take for many of you who have a lot of desire and need for sexual expression. So, please, think about your own desires and the things that you want to express. That's the only way you're going to know.

Thank you so much for sharing. I think this is really amazing. My pleasure. And then, I don't want to get into the details on how to go about finding porn. I'm not an expert in that part. But you can just Google the names of some of these stars or get a list on Pornhub or something. And this is a really good way of discovering what you're looking for. And there are a ton of them, but you may have to use different search terms to find different ones. There are lots of other places online where you can go. I mean, you can just go to Google, but that is a lot of time. I mean, you're not in a coffee shop. I don't think I've ever seen a coffee shop with a computer in it or in any other location. You need to be in a real coffee shop, a real place, not in some computer shop. This is the best place to start looking.

You're not going to be able to find anything in your life that has a real person's face in it, unless it is a celebrity. That is what is so amazing about it. That is why there is this huge porn empire behind it. I am sure most of us have watched some of the movies and maybe even read the articles about the actresses. We can tell the person looks nice in the video, but we don't know what the person looks like in real life. Well that is why they have created the most important porn star of all time: khloe kay. She is one of the hottest porn stars of all time, who is currently being filmed in a new "big scene". We have to admit we don't know much about her, except her name. So what are we going to do? Well, we are going to watch this new porn movie. And when you see the first video, you can't help but see it to be a khloe kay scene. You see her in all her glory. So what do we do? We watch a second video to see what she does now. She is in a room and her pussy is being fucked. She is getting fucked hard and fast. This is what khloe kay looks like. She is ready to cum.