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Kiara Mia is a porn-star in the adult video game, Skyrim, who has had a role as an NPC in the game since the release of the first version of the game back in 2011. Kiara is known as a popular character in the Skyrim community, and her popularity is in part based on her ability to perform multiple sex acts in a single scene. Her sex-scenes in the game are sometimes dubbed "Kiara Mia's Magic Spells" in reference to the fact that she is an adept in the arts of sex magic and has the power to do almost anything she sets her mind to. "I really love the fact that Skyrim's sex scenes have been described as being magical, and in my opinion, that is exactly what they are. They are magical, but they also are pretty hot!" Kiara is a fan of various genres of pornography, from mainstream to niche and adult to kink. She can usually be found doing sex scenes with other adult performers. While she is primarily a sex performer, she also has a few other talents, including playing the guitar, playing the piano, and singing. She is currently enrolled in an art college and will graduate in May. Kiara Mia is a member of the Skyrim community on Xbox LIVE and you can visit her on the forums and on Skyrim Nexus. Kiara Mia's Sex Scenes Kiara Mia is the author of three video game novels: The Dragonborn Chronicles, The Great Hunt: A Game of Dwarven Skirmish, and A Dragonborn's Journey: From the Ruins of Skyrim. Kiara Mia writes in her blog: "The first book was a story that was meant to be a single chapter. But I kept reading and it turned into something much more than I ever imagined. My new book is an epic story that takes the reader on an incredible journey." You can find her blog here: Kiara Mia


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Why Is the Popularity of Porn Blogging Growing? I guess that I am in the minority here. I am sure, however, that I am not alone in thinking that porn-blogging is gaining popularity. When I came across an article on porn-blogger Kiara Mia, I got the feeling that this person is a very interesting person who is probably a bit confused. Let's see what she has to say about it. I'm going to start with some questions and then answer some of them with answers, so that you can have a better understanding of it all. Question #1: What is porn-blogging? This is not very useful or interesting question. As far as I know, there are no established guidelines to define porn-blogging or even how to define porn-blogging. As Kiara Mia states in her article, it's a whole "different kind of blogging" that involves blogging about whatever subject you like. This might be "Pornography" for you or a different topic (we'll see what happens if we just look at porn-bloggers).

What I think is useful though is to look at a definition of porn-blogging that seems to be working well: destiny dixon "Porn-blogging" is defined by Kiara Mia as follows: "Porn-blogging is a form of writing that uses social media as a medium to post sexually explicit, non-fiction content that is accessible to a broad audience. Porn-blogging has expanded beyond the confines of social media to include blogs that are accessible to the general public, such as porn blogs."

To be honest, I think Kiara Mia's definition of porn-blogging is a little vague and open to interpretation. If she had defined it differently, I would probably have done a blog post with that definition. This is a common issue when it comes to blogging, especially when you start getting more and more popular: "The people who are blogging don't know that what they're writing is pornography" (as Kiara Mia does). I'm happy that Kiara Mia has defined porn-blogging this way because it makes it sarah beattie nude more clear what she means by it.

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