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So the first thing that I thought about was that it was one of those "I want to know everything about you" articles. So I wrote to the author. It's a blog I found in Google. I wrote to him, asked him if he's going to respond to me. I sent him a message, and he responded to me saying he'd love to respond. And I've been doing this for years and years. There's been no response. So I got the message. And I thought 'Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun story. I don't know how he got this. But I will keep it up."

The conversation started about an hour after the image was posted and was "really quick" to get started, and the conversation was "kind of awkward." Shipka, who had been on a break after a night in New York City, said he didn't know why he had taken the photo.

He said he wasn't thinking that a photo of him was going to get him into a big deal, and that he just wanted to share the image. "The image was kind of cute to me. I thought it was cute that a celebrity would get naked and it would get him attention. I'm not really into sex, but I was kind of into the thought of being able to get someone else to be naked and give them attention. It just seemed like a really nice thing."

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