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1. Kinsey sue is a term of reproach that comes from the early 1980s when the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) began its fight to remove homosexuality from its official list of moral failings. The organization made the claim that homosexuality is an innate or a learned behavior and that it does not have a biological basis.

As the saying goes, "if you don't like the idea of gay people, don't have sex with them." As the NOM spread its propaganda, the phrase "kinsey sue" began to take on a pejorative meaning. In the 1990s, it began appearing in a number of other contexts, including in the writings of NOM's former president James Dobson. He would write the following about Kinsey in 1997:

In his book, A Call to Prayer, Jim girlcum Dobson has a chapter on Kinsey, and he says: "A great deal of controversy surrounds Kinsey. In the end, it would seem, his research is as valid as Darwin's." He goes on to claim that "Kinsey's findings, and especially his study of the family unit, is the most important scientific finding of the twentieth century." In other words, as the NOM promoted, Kinsey's research was of equal value to Darwin's and to the work of Einstein and Freud. In other words, the NOM's propaganda against Kinsey was so strong that it could not be refuted. As a result, the phrase "kinsey sue" gained a negative connotation and was increasingly replaced by the term "sex offender" to refer to people convicted of sexual crimes. But the NOM had not always been so successful in deceiving people professor gaia into believing that Kinsey was guilty. Back in 1971, when Kinsey was only 30 years old, the NOM was already promoting his reputation. The group was in the process of publishing an article entitled "Kinsey and The Science of Sex" in the September 4, 1971 issue of Scientific American. The article was accompanied by a cover page with a picture of Kinsey, in a shirt that bore the phrase "Kinsey, the Sex Investigator," and a caption that read: "The'sex' investigator of sex and relationships." The article said: The Kinsey Report was the first scientific report to quantify the sexual response of the human male and to identify the biochemical bases of sexual behavior. Kinsey made it possible for a woman to give birth, for the first time, by having an orgasm without orgasm from vaginal stimulation. This research paved the way for the study of male-female sexual behavior and its relationship to various diseases, including AIDS. This article is from Scientific American. It is from 19

I remember this one. My father, who was a medical researcher, came to my home and found me reading a book on the Kinsey Report. It was a book I had never seen before and was very strange to me. He asked if I wanted to try it out. I asked if he had a copy of Kinsey's study on the subject. He said yes and I had to sign a confidentiality agreement to have access to it. In the 1970s, sex was legal in my home state of Georgia. Sex was the biggest thing in the life of my dad, and I was a young adult, so I agreed to have sex with my dad. I was about 12 years old. I didn't know that I would always have sex with him. When I turned 18 I told my parents that I wanted out of the relationship. They were very concerned for my well being. I felt like I was living a lie. I was not really happy. My parents were not supportive of my decision. I was not happy with my sexuality and my parents seemed to be against me. My friends told me that I was crazy. I had no support. I was the youngest of nine children. I was jacquieetmichel not mature for my age. I didn't know what I wanted from the sexual life. I tried to look for other options but there was no choice. My family thought that I had no choice but to go to adult stores to buy porn. I did not like to deal with the adult store and was not able to do anything to stop it. I felt uncomfortable. My mother took a lot of care to rate my dick make sure my privacy was kept and that I knew what to do when something inappropriate is mentioned. I didn't really understand what it was all about until one day, I was walking to the mall when my mother asked me to buy something. I wanted to buy something and she said I have to wait outside because there would be a lot of people shopping. It was dark and I didn't want to be in the mall and it was just her and the lady. They walked into the adult store and she saw me in the area and came over to me. She was trying to say hello to me but was too late. She grabbed my shoulder and held it there and said "Don't say it out loud. Say it out loud when we get out of there." This lady took me by my arms and started yelling at me. She kept asking me what I had been doing. I explained that I had been at the mall looking at porn and watching some porn movies. The lady yelled back at me that I would never get any work if I said anything about it. I told her I did not know what she was talking about. She was screaming and pointing out that I looked very old and I had no tits and my skin was a dull gray color. She was saying all these negative things and I kept saying that I did not remember doing any of it. She then said she was going to have to call the police to have me taken to jail. She did not have a warrant and told me I needed to go to court to get a warrant and she had to call her lawyer. This was the worst experience I have ever had at the mall. I really wished that I had left and not been there. I have had my credit card and phone stolen at the same mall and been followed and threatened. I never thought that this place was a target for such things. I am so angry at the mall owner that allowed this to happen to me. It was my first time and I was so afraid. I had gone to this mall with my boyfriend for two years. We had a good time and we loved to shop at this mall. I loved the clothes and the jewelry that I bought. We used to go to the mall all the time. It was such a beautiful place, we would walk by the mall and the windows would be open, you would see the city. But then on Monday, March 6, I was walking through this mall and this guy walks past me. He said "You know you need to have sex with me", so I said "Ok, let's go". And he savanna samson said "Ok, I'll get your ticket and your pass" and I was like "No", I thought he was trying to trick me, but he didn't and we went in to see this girl, she was a blonde and she was super hot. I was like "I'll be fine, I'm not doing it" but he's like "No, come and give me your ticket, get your pass and I'll give you sex". We went into the lobby, I said "Excuse me, are you really going to do that?", he's like "Sure, why not" and he was like "I have a lot of women like you in my hotel room". I'm like "Oh, I think I'll have sex with him" and he goes "no you don't, you know you need to have sex with me". I said "Ok, okay, I'll be fine". We walked to this other place and I had my pass in my hand, and he said "here go your pass and your ticket". I gave him my pass and he said "you can come back here, but you have to pay a deposit, $200". I was like "okay I'll think about it". We left the hotel with the other guy and went back to the room and I'm like "I have to do this" and he goes "well why don't you do it for me". I don't remember what time it was but we had sex and he came. I was like "wow that was so hot" and then we left the room and I went to the other hotel and said I was going to go get myself checked out and then I got a call that he had been arrested.

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What would you say are the main differences between your work as an actress and as a porn star? Well, the main difference is that porn is a business, and, you know, a lot of us actresses are independent producers or directors. And they're, they're independent directors, too, which, you know, I love it, I love that. And we work very much in the public eye, which is why we're in such a good spot. We have a public that's willing to pay for porn and we're not going to do anything that we think isn't in line with their idea of entertainment. We're always very careful. We always have cameras, and the only time that we don't have cameras on our bodies is when we're in the studio, and then we're not able to see what our work looks like. So there's a lot of things we're very careful about, like, when we're on set, we're very careful with our lighting, with the shadows, and all those things.