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Korra del Rio is an adult movie star from the Philippines. She has been appearing in many movies over the years, including 'Au Haut' (a movie featuring her), 'The Bitch Is Back' (an action movie starring her), 'The Revenge' (a sex-comedy), 'Pamela' (a romantic drama starring her), and 'Hola Hola Bitch' (a romance-comedy). Some of her other porn-movie appearances include 'Au Haut 2' (a sex-comedy featuring her, and 'Au Haut 3' which is her last video).

Her most popular movies include 'Au Haut' brother fucks sister 'Au Haut 2' and 'Pamela' which is the most well-known video of her.

Her career started in the early 1990's. She was one of the first porn-stars, and is probably the first Filipino porn-star to have been filmed and released on video, which she did in 1994. She's also one of the earliest actresses to have appeared in pornographic films.

When she was just a teen, she filmed her first porn-movie with a porn-cam. She was the second actress in her class to make this discovery, as she was the first student to take part in a porn-film.

Her biggest achievement in adult films has been the porn-series 'Pamela' a sequel to her "Au Haut", which was released in 1994, and was the most well-known porn-movie of its time, being nominated for and winning Best Film at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

Her second biggest achievement in porn is the series 'Wet Tits of the World' in which she was featured in 'Sugar' a sequel of her "Au Haut".

Her best friend is 'Anita' who she met in the school, and was later her girlfriend and also a very popular girl in her class. She is one of the most popular porn-stars in the world.

She was very close to 'Ajax' a famous porn-star, who also had a large family, and she also dated 'Pamela'. In 2003, she was in love with her boyfriend 'Chad' (also known as 'Mitch') from the school.

It was in her final year at school that she met 'Chad' and their relationship lasted for 6 years.

Her first sex-scene was with her best friend 'Sue' (from the school) who had a huge family. She had sex with him in her apartment (at first), and had some other sex-scenes with him after this.

In 2006, she met her future husband 'Trevor' (also known as 'Pamela') who was the same age as her.

She was 19 when they got married, and they had 3 kids (Trevor is the father). They live in the same area, so they had sex-scenes together. The kids get a lot of attention in the movies, but this has to be their own private life.

In 2012, she met 'Chad' again, and had another sex-scene together. In this case, she was wearing a tiny pink bikini top, and he was wearing a pair of blue gym shorts and a black t-shirt.

At the time, she was very shy about her sex-scenes. She told her mother and her boyfriend that she wasn't sure if she liked sex, and her friends tried to tell her that the scenes would hurt her. But she didn't care, and kept filming the scenes in her bedroom. "You don't feel anything when you're having sex, you just enjoy it. I always found that when people are having sex, they didn't care about what they were doing to each other. I liked to be in control of the whole experience." Korra told the girls that she wanted a family of her own, so she told her boyfriend she wanted to be a mother. But her boyfriend insisted that she get married so that he could have some stability. She also told her friends that if she didn't get married, she would just have another baby with her boyfriend and that would just be a waste of time. The story goes that when she was 19 she went to her father's house for a birthday party. His wife showed up to her father's home and asked him to buy her a ring. She didn't know what a ring was and she didn't understand why her boyfriend was spending time with his father's friends while she was alone with the guy from the hospital. Her father had no choice but to give her the ring. She took the ring and her friend, "Jenny" (also in the story) with her to meet the boyfriend and they talked for a while before they left. Jenny was 19 years old at the time. She was also a porn actress. So you know. If you ever want to read more about her, check out this porn-blog article.

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So, the second reason I love korra is because she is the best role model for me and for all the women I know. When korra said that there's nothing more important to her than helping others and helping herself, I knew there was more to come from her. I can't imagine any other woman in the world, but I am a woman and a mother, so I think korra can really be used to help other women, too. Also, korra is just a really sweet and wonderful person. She is a wonderful role model for all of us. Thank you for being so positive and caring. It means the world to me and so much to all of you. Thank you all for supporting korra del rio porn dude and all the other amazing female role models and entertainers that are out there. I hope to someday find a way to work with you all to help get adult content to as many people as possible, and maybe you can help make that happen.