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Kirsten is a free-spirited, fun-loving, kinky brunette. When she's not stripping or dancing her way around town, Kirsten is enjoying being an author and writer, and she's very excited about the upcoming "Kirsten the Teenage Punk", coming out in August 20

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Kirsten is an 18 year old amateur dancer from Los Angeles who has been on a quest for a sex-positive and sexy life for the past year or so. She is a very happy camgirl, and has been living in LA since supergirl porn she was a teenager.

Kirsten loves dancing, stripping, and getting her wild kinks out in the open and being kinky. She's also a talented writer who has a fun blog called "Kirsten the Teenage Punk" that has some great ideas for sex-positive ideas and kinks. She's currently working on a book and has been writing wedding porn about sex for a while now.

Kirsten can be found at her YouTube channel, or as a porn star on PornHub, where she's been since 20

Kirsten was featured on the Sex Bloggers Network show "The Porn Bloggers," and has a few short videos. She also runs a Tumblr blog called "The Kitty Chronicles," where she posts her adult-porn adventures.

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Kirsten has been on a number of porn sites, as well as the Internet at large, and she has a pretty well documented porn career.

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