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"Lanie Morgan, the sex star and porn star-in-chief of Bikini Kill, has just announced the release of her first book, 'Love Me Like A Porn Star: A Memoir of the Passionate Adult Entertainment Industry, due out on July 20, 20

A sex-positive memoir, Love Me Like a Porn Star focuses on the sex industry and the adult industry and the women who have chosen to live that life. It's the first memoir ever from the world's most famous porn star to be published."

Lanie Morgan has starred in a plethora of porn movies including 'Naked 2, 'Pussy & a Brain, 'Masturbation: A History, 'Cum All Over Me, and more. You can read all of her porn videos at Pornhub and watch her videos on YouTube. In 2007, she was voted the 'Best Actress' by AVN, the top porn awards show.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Morgan said, "Porn has been one of my biggest passions since I was 14. I remember the first time I went to my first sex club in the summer of 2010. I'd never even seen a porn video. I was mesmerized by their wild, energetic atmosphere and the people who seemed to be having such a great time. I fell in love with the idea of becoming a porn star." According to Morgan, she never expected to make it as an actress, but she's grateful for the experience. "As an adult star, you're constantly in the spotlight; there are no small details in this industry; there's only what works and what doesn't. For me, it has given me a lot of confidence; I've made some great friends and I'm really glad I'm in a good position to show people my abilities." Morgan says she'd love to do more adult projects with her friends. "I know I want to get to the level where I do all the scenes with people I really like." So what's next for Morgan? "Just keep making movies!" Check out a few of her scenes below, and click on the thumbnails for more information: 1. I'm not gonna be in any of these movies. I just don't wanna do it! 2. Don't tell my mom and dad that I'm not coming back home. 3. I am really really horny. 4. I am a bad person! 5. I don't wanna do porn. 6. I know there's porn on this site and I have seen it. 7. You don't want me to do porn. 8. I want to do porn. 9. I think you would love to see porn. 10. You're welcome.

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