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I don't believe that there is any legal requirement that this page be included here. If I were required to, I would remove it without delay. It is illegal for someone under 21 years old to have sex in a public place. So, I won't be adding it to this page, except where I am obliged to do so. There are only 2 sites which are allowed to provide any pornography under the EU's 'no-objection certificates'. They are. A site which has been subject to the 'Certificate Authority of Ireland' (CAI) validation process as of July 2010. The purpose of this process is to ensure that site complies with the law and is not violating the privacy or publicity rights of any persons. It is a rigorous process and has been successfully applied to some of the most widely used online porn sites, including this one. This page contains information on all the sites which have been subject to the CAI validation process. These sites are listed in chronological order. 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Larkin love, it's a wonderful thing to see the love you have for a specific performer. It's also important to know that all porn stars are not created equal, some may be very talented, but most won't. And some may have much bigger boobs than you (which makes you feel better), but they may have nothing in common with you. There is nothing wrong with liking people you like, and there's nothing wrong with seeing that other person is enjoying themselves, but it's important to know when you shouldn't. Don't just take a look at the number of views or number of viewers, but at the quality of the porn and the sex itself. If a porn star does the scene well and is very talented, you will definitely enjoy it, but if they have no talent, you will find something that won't have you satisfied. Remember that everyone is different, and it's the person in front of you that will determine how you feel. 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