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If you liked layla london, then you're going to love her new story of how she met an ex-boyfriend in a gay club, got his number, and started a relationship with him. I've only skimmed the first few pages, but if you want to see more of that, there are a bunch of links at the bottom. She also tells a story of how a gay porn star, who is gay, was arrested for prostitution and was sentenced to three years in jail. There's a great story about that here, if you're curious. And if you want a more general explanation of how porn works, there's a good article about it here. The other interesting tidbit here is how she's managed to get out of the sex industry altogether. I'm not sure if that's because she had to get a job, or because she wanted to go on a "real" relationship. I can't tell you about that, because I don't know.

It seems to me that there is a huge difference between a porn star's life and a real person's. If they are "real" people, why are they doing porn? A porn-star is someone who makes porn, not because they enjoy it, but because it is part of their job. I'm pretty sure that I don't really know anyone who has never loved porn. You could make the argument that most people, who don't work in porn, do. Maybe you can't be sure that your porn-star is the kind of person who isn't into sex, but you sure as hell can be sure that she or he isn't interested in getting laid. That's probably the most important part. It's like, if you've never done porn, but you were just in it because you thought it was a fun, exciting and rewarding way to make money, then it's probably a good sign that you should be doing something else. If you're looking for a "real" person to be in a porn-movie, there are probably a few people in the world. And the way you can tell if someone is into the whole porn thing, is by who they're looking at. Is they watching you do porn? That's your sign. If they're watching porn but not having sex with anyone, then it doesn't mean anything. If you're having sex, you're into it. If you're not, it's probably a sign that they're not.

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