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Maggie McSorely

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I'm going to explain everything that happened. First, what happened in the bathroom during the scene.

It turns out that the dude who shot the scene for this porn-blog is a professional porn-tourist. So this was a professional shoot. He was shooting a professional porn-scene. He wasn't filming at home, which is a very common practice for professional porn-stars. The only reason he would do this at home is to use all his time on the job instead of going to an apartment or hotel. This is a good reason to shoot at home, but it doesn't mean it's the best reason. He needed more time for the scene. If he shot on location, it would be longer and more boring. He also wanted to get more into the head-space of the performers. The porn-stars who do this kind of work are very different from the ones who work in the studios. Their personalities are very different. It's very difficult to pull off all the special effects, costumes, and editing that a professional film-maker must do. The performers also have a lot more to think about than just the visuals. 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