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Maddy O'Reilly was born in 1994 in New York City. Her dad is a music manager and her mom is a model. Her first movie role was in The Wedding Planner which was released in 2004. She has appeared in numerous films, such as Love is All You Have (2004), The Perfect Cockfight (2005), The Secret Life of My Body (2005) and The Girl Next Door (2005). She is a very talented actress with a big passion for porn. As an adult star, maddy loves being in different scenes and her favorite scenes are her first porn movies. She enjoys making her friends and fans come to the theater with her and having fun. In the early part of 2009, maddy was in a very popular show "Dance Momma". She also was an executive board member for the American Association of Porn Star. maddy had been working with adult film studio FTV for 3 years and she had been there 4 years before that. She was not just a regular performer but she had been involved with many different companies. maddy had also performed at the top adult entertainment company, Blue Devil Productions. In the late summer of 2010, maddy had been invited to participate in a movie named "Love and Lace". They had wanted to cast a girl mature big tits that looked like a model, but maddy was an actress. maddy agreed to come on the set and did a couple scenes for the movie. It was a small production. A guy named David was directing and the director was named Ryan. In one scene, maddy was asked to perform with a girl who is a real porn star. They filmed her stripping naked, then the director asked her to do sex with a guy who's known for making his girls do porn. maddy told him she was already in the position and would do as he asked. He made her do it anyway, which she enjoyed, but she knew it was fake. She also had no idea that she was making a movie, just that it was porn. After the scene, maddy was very embarrassed and felt bad for making a fake porn movie. After that, the directors came over and she told them she was a professional and that she was going to take it up with the director to get this job back.

She told the directors that maddy had a boyfriend, which they knew, and asked if maddy had been with a man. maddy said that she had, but that her boyfriend had been away. She also said that maddy did not want to do the porn for more than 5 minutes because she was not sure if she would be comfortable doing it. As she was taking her clothes off, the director came over to her and told her that she had just done a very bad scene. He then said that there was some sort of misunderstanding and that the director, maddy's director, would not do it anymore. The director left, but maddy decided to take her clothes off. As she pulled off her panties, he pulled her hair and tried to get her to give him oral sex. After the scene was over, he told maddy that she would have to take the video of the scene, which she agreed to do. maddy then said that she did not have to do the porn again because she didn't like what she had just seen, so she said she would just take off her clothes and start over. 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