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A very personal profile about a man that I have known since I started this blog. This profile was started a few years ago, when my husband and I were engaged in our first serious relationship. In this profile, I've shared many personal details of myself and my love for my husband, as well as my personal struggles with infertility and other sexual dysfunctions. I have posted many personal photos of myself. Read more about manchesterlads:

My latest blog. This blog has been a lot of fun for me. It's been the best way I have of communicating my thoughts on a wide range of subjects including sexuality, health, relationships and my life in general. Read more about my latest blog: myblog

New blog. I've put together a new blog about health, relationships and health in general. The free exotic stories blog is called The Health-Relationship Blog. I'm very happy with the new site, it feels a bit more modern but it still feels pretty much the same as the old blog. Read more about the new blog

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Blog about politics. The blog is about politics. I try to blog about things that matter to me (and other people) rather than things that only interest me. I'm mostly a libertarian (although I'm still not all that politically conservative). I think some people are very concerned with issues around sex and sexuality but don't really care. I want to write about it anyway. Follow me on Twitter for updates about my blog and/or to ask me about porn-related things. The author of this blog and I live in the same town, but we meet up once a month for drinks, to watch porn, or to discuss things that might interest me. I have a girlfriend. The content is mostly about sex, but it has some pretty extreme and controversial topics.


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