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Mila Jovovich is an teen nipples erotic sex toy artist, model and webcam model, specializing in fetishized dolls. She also teaches people how to become porn stars. Mila is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where she studied art and media studies. She moved to Seattle where she found a community of artists and model/actresses. After making a name for herself by modeling in adult magazines and performing in fetish porn, she moved to New York to pursue acting as a professional and eventually became a celebrity in the adult industry. Mila has won awards at a number of adult industry conventions and festivals including the New York World's Fair in 2012. I am sure you know what Mila Jovovich is: a porn-blogger, porn model, porn actress, and amateur porn star who has made her name and notoriety on the Internet, both within and outside of the adult industry. The author of this post is a very familiar name, as Mila Jovovich is very well-known within the adult industry and has a great deal of experience within the industry, including being an award-winning model and actress. Mila, as a child, was the star of a popular German television series titled "Zum Welt" ("I Love You") about the lives of children living in the world of adult entertainment. Mila Jovovich was cast as the lead in the series' second season and made her acting debut on the show in the show's final episode, which aired on September 18, 2010. Mila Jovovich has since appeared in over a hundred films, which are featured on many porn sites, including FTV Girls, Reality Kings, Brazzers, and XHamster. Mila has also appeared in other television shows, including "Laff Girls", "Carny's Mom", "Dance Party", "Shots", "Strip Club", "Big Dicks", "The Dirty Laundry", and "The FTV Show". Mila Jovovich was also a member of the cast of the German TV series "The Golden Girls", with many of the scenes filmed in the nude for their DVD release, "The Golden Girls: Unplugged". The "Golden Girls" are German porn actress, singer, model and actress Mina Laskova. She was valentina fradegrada nude the first to get into the business and made her porn debut in the movie "Strip Club" (2009). Mila Jovovich is also known for her role as "Frodo" in the film "The Hobbit", and is also known as the "Dirty Martini Lady" on the Adult DVD series "FTV Girls", which includes "Dirty Martini". Mila Jovovich was also the girlfriend of German porn star "Pussy Worshiper", in 2008. Mila Jovovich's first adult film, "Trouble on My Mind", was released on DVD in February 2009, and was later released on Blu-Ray in June 2009. Mila Jovovich's second porn movie, "Dirty Sexy Martini", was released in August 2009. In 2009, Mila Jovovich was voted the "Sexiest Woman in Porn" by Playboy. In 2010, Mila Jovovich appeared on the cover of "The Daily Star", a porn magazine. In 2011, Mila Jovovich was crowned the "Porn Lady of the Year" by VIVA, a company which produces a list of the best female porn stars, in a contest held on August 27, 2011. The winner of the contest was Mila Jovovich.

Mila Jovovich has a number of fans, such as Playboy Playmate and porn star Candace Payne. Mila Jovovich has also been the subject of a book, by journalist homemade teen porn James Altucher, titled "Mila Jovovich: The Naked Girl of the Russian Revolution".