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As I mentioned above, I don't know how many people actually like them. I don't have enough data to know, but I'm sure there are a lot of them out there. Most of them are young and in their first year of porn, and are pretty much in their early twenties. Many of them are in the best sex of their life (I'm still recovering from my last porn scene, in fact). The majority of the people I know who are porn fans, or know someone who is porn-obsessed are younger than the average guy. And a majority of them (60%) are women (I'm sure there's some crossover). Most are from a conservative family, and most are in college or just starting. The majority are straight but the occasional guy or gal will sneak in a little gay. They don't go in with any expectations, and usually don't have any idea what they're getting into, because they've never been in the porn industry before, and there's never been a straight girl. But they're enjoying their life. Here are the most popular girls and boys in porn. I don't even know if this is a porn-related article or a personal blog post. This is all just the top girls and boys. If you're looking for a porn-girl or guy, I'm sure there are more out there. Enjoy!

1) Pornstar: Mimi Röers

I think the biggest thing about Mimi is that she is a real porn star. I was never a huge fan of porn and when I first saw her I was shocked because I thought she was just some young, inexperienced girl. Then I learned about her amazing past and I started to like her. Mimi has done some of the best porn you'll ever see. I've seen some of her work on her official website and it is absolutely amazing. She is definitely one of the top models and I wish I could be her.

2) Pornstar: Kiki Linares What makes Kiki Linares so interesting is her style of modeling. She's an extreme style, in other words she is a slutty girl. That being said, she's not just a slutty girl. She's also very beautiful and a very talented model. I've seen a lot of pictures of her on her official site and she really is beautiful. She has done some modeling for a couple of porn stars, and I think that's why her work is so good. So now that we've seen some pictures of her from her official website we will take a closer look at her photos on my blog. You can click on the photos to see the full size photos. This is going to be an adult content and porn-blog, which means that it will be very high quality. So I hope you enjoy and you like what you see here. I know you will because I've seen some real beautiful naked people.

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