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1. Why I've never heard of a movie called "Salty Stone."

A few years ago I was sitting at my desk, in front of my computer, when a few colleagues turned to me and asked me if I had seen a film called "Salty Stone." I have seen quite a few movies about adult content wicked pictures but never have I heard of such a movie. I thought to myself that perhaps it was a movie about the porn industry but it wasn't. Then I heard from a few friends that the movie "Salty Stone" is really about porn stars. I immediately searched the internet for more info. I found a few articles but they weren't very informative . So, I thought I'd look into it more. So what's the movie about? The movie is a porn movie starring a girl named Misty Stone. Misty's job is to seduce a bunch of guys. This is actually the first movie she has ever done. She meets with a guy named Johnny Sins, who she has never met before. Then she tries to seduce another guy named Sean Moore. Sean is a little bit of a pushover. He wants to sleep with a lot of different women. Misty is the exception. Sean czech gangbang wants to try to fuck Misty. He even gives her a blow job! Then, he invites her to a party. The party turns out to be quite exciting. Misty is so horny and horny for the party. She gets completely naked and starts making out with Sean. He starts rubbing her clit as she fucks his dick. Sean is too horny to keep his mouth off her wet pussy, and he goes down on her face. He fucks her pussy deep, and then takes her to the bedroom. Sean, on his knees, sucks her hard until he cums in her mouth. He then feeds her a huge load of cum all over her face and tits. She turns to him and says "What's your favorite porn-site to check out?" He says, "My favorite is Mistystone." She then says "Really? I've never heard of this. What is it?" "It's a porn-site that allows you to check out all your favorite porn-stars. And it's free." She then says, "It's the best site! I love seeing all the hot girls I've never seen before. I love to see how big they get. And I love to watch the cum shoot out of their mouths." Then he says, "They make me want to be in porn. They really help me get off." This is a perfect interview! And it was one of the best sex stories I've read about a guy in the past 10 years.

Cody's girlfriend and pornstar Kiley Karp has a different take on the Mistystone site: Kiley and Cody's story is similar to other stories I read about Cody being into porn. It is a tale of two people, and one has any porn a lot of money, the other little money. Cody was always into porn. The girls he liked in the movies he watched were all girls who were on TV. He liked all those girls. Kiley said she didn't mind watching them, it just wasn't what she wanted in the bedroom. Kiley's mom was an avid porn-viewer, but she said Cody never told her she was into porn, Kiley said he told her she wasn't. His parents said he was "a gigi edgley nude good boy". But Kiley wanted a "real girl" and porn was the way to go. Cody never told Kiley about the porn. She said he had no interest in it at all. He always talked about her going out, or getting drunk.

Cody would often play a game where he would grab his penis and put it in Kiley's mouth. Kiley said it was almost as bad as sex. She said Cody and her were in love. She didn't think they could be together and he wouldn't let it happen. It was the first time she went out with him. She said that he made a deal with her that she would go out with him on the first of the month. He said he would pick her up and bring her home. Kiley was looking at a poster of the scene. She said that was a real life situation. She said he came home with her and told her he had a problem and had to be alone. He said it was all a lie and he had done it because he didn't want to talk to anyone. Kiley said he had been doing it for months but he told her he would never be alone. She said she was very upset about this because it made him seem too good to be true. She said she got scared and told him that if he didn't stop, she would break up with him and then he phoenix marie wouldn't have anything to say. She said she told him he needed to get help because he was making her feel so bad about herself and it wasn't helping him. Kiley said she has never been one to tell people what to do, she's just a kid. She told him to get help, he just needed to understand that people were talking about his problems and he was the only person who didn't understand that. Kiley said that she's been talking about it with her friends and they think it's funny that he's always doing it. She said she wants to see the movie. She said that she'll see the movie with the director. She said she'll ask the director if she can go to her hotel room and watch the movie in her room so she can have the experience. She said she's excited to see it in the theater. In a previous podcast Kiley and Kaitlyn talked about how much she likes the girls they get along with. Kaitlyn told Kiley that she has never seen the girl who shot the video and she was so hot. Kaitlyn said she'll try to find her if she knows how. Kiley said that she thinks she has a friend she likes. Kiley said she was talking to her and she said, "Oh, is that girl my friend?" Kaitlyn said she's looking into it but she wants to talk to the director first and see how it works. She's looking into having sex with the girl. She was really happy she found this.

(Misconduct) Kaitlyn said she is a total hypocrite. She told Kiley she's the person who was going to break up with her and she said if you really want to be with me, you have to give me what I want. She didn't have any plans to do that. Kaitlyn said she would love to be in this porn movie and is totally willing to be part of the project. Kaitlyn said she didn't know what she wanted until she talked to Kiley about it. (Solo Play) Sarah asked if they could do the thing where the other girl is just in the background but the other guy has to do the fucking. Sarah said there was only one girl in the scene and that's because she didn't really know what to do with it. Sarah said it was a fun role for her. The girl was just there for the porn. She said she didn't even have to talk to the other girl to figure it out. The scene started with the two girls talking and then they were all in the same room. Kiley had a camera man on top of her while she got naked and got down on her knees. The scene was just them both being in the same room doing it. Then they had to go to her bedroom and they made out for a minute. Then they put their clothes back on and went back to their bedroom. After that, they had some other stuff going on and a shower. Kiley said she wasn't able to tell the other girl that she made out with her but it made her feel really good. She felt like she did the right thing.

When asked about how she felt, Kiley replied, "I didn't think about it, I wasn't in the mood to. I'm always so sensitive. I'm not even sensitive at home, I'm so used to that. And when I got home from the shower and I was ready to go to sleep I went to bed." Kiley also stated that she never went to school the next day and she didn't even have sex. She also commented that when she got home, she had no idea that the other girl was still a virgin. Kiley then went on to describe how she did the other girl's underwear before she went to bed. This is what she said, "She's like, 'I've been trying to keep this a secret, I didn't tell anyone about it, I didn't tell my parents, I went to all of my friends and I told everybody but my boyfriend, I don't like it but I'll do it.' She just wants this to be a secret. She's not very sexual. So I just started rubbing her crotch, I was like, 'It's going to be a long night.' So we were all like, 'OK, you have to do it or else.' And she was like, 'I just want to be loved.' She wanted love." After Kiley was done, she went to bed. "It was like the most painful moment of my life. I had the most pain. It was so painful to wake up like that and go back to sleep."

Kiley is the only girl who actually gets wet in this scene. She says the "real reason" for her pussy rubbing was that "My husband got me pregnant. He was like, 'You'll make a great wife.' And I had never even considered it before. And I was like, 'If I am going to be a mother, I need to know how to teairra mari sex tape make this happen.' So I went into it just with an open mind. And after it was done, I felt great. It was one of the best sex experiences of my life."

Kiley says that she would also go through with the scene if she were in a relationship with the person who made it. She would, of course, want it over with, but she would also want to have a good time with them. She says, "I would say I'm kind of happy to be able to do it with a partner who doesn't take such a controlling attitude, but I'd definitely be happier doing it solo because I think that the act is the most fun. I think it's really a lot of fun being a woman. It's really interesting, you know? I think it's interesting to find out what it's like to do this type of sexual act with someone."

When the sex scene did end, Kiley says she felt perfect relieved that it was over. She tells us, "I was a little nervous that my partner was going to be a little nervous about it. It felt kind of safe for her. I was just really happy that she liked the idea of doing it." The sex, Kiley says, "was really intense and we ended up having really good fun."

As for what happens after, Kiley is still working with her partner. She says she would like to do another threesome with her man. Kiley says, "I like to do it for him because it's more about making the man really feel good. He's a very passionate guy and he likes to be in control." Kiley says she's excited for the chance to do more, and she has no plans to go back to school.