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Moka Mora

If you've never heard of this porn-blog site, it's because, I can't imagine why. I guess that's a shame because it's one of the most popular and interesting porn blogs out there. I first discovered moka mora when my friend introduced me to it on twitter, when I first came across the site. It was an interesting porn-blog, but the main reason for it being interesting is that moka mora is very much in the news lately. You can also read my moka mora post about the news about moka mora and the rise of adult content on the net, if you're curious.

When I first heard about moka mora, I didn't even know if there were porn stars involved in it. I just figured that they were celebrities. It took me a while to realise that there is an actual porn-blog with adult content about adult stars. I was so excited when I found it, because I thought, "I really wish there was one of those about porn stars". It's a sad thing that these porn-stars are very under-represented on the net, and it's a shame, because I think it'd be interesting to see more of them. I fucking mom was really disappointed when I saw it was about moka mora, because I expected there would be a whole lot more, and I was a bit sad. It's actually quite nice how the webmaster didn't waste my time writing a story about porn stars. It could've been a really good article about moka mora. I'm going to look into moka mora more, and I'm going to read the whole thing, because I don't know whether to read it as a sex-blog or a porn-blog. I'm also looking for some pictures. And of course, I was just looking for a place to post my own writing, so I put up a short story I wrote as a guest-post in my new book, "Writing as a Man". It's a little story about my experience as a male porn writer in the industry, and is not really about moka mora. That would be the best place for the actual porn, by the way.

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