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Dubner," The National Catholic Register, March 10, 2015 "Christianity is a religion because it requires of its believers to follow certain moral norms and to exercise certain religious virtues, as part of a process of self-improvement." ~ James P. Barrett, author of The Unholy Trinity: The Church, the State, and the Christian Faith, (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2005) "To believe something because of its consequences is to be morally irresponsible and irresponsible." ~ Carl Schmitt, The End of Faith (New York: Free Press, 2011) "I am sorry, but this video is offensive and not in keeping with the teachings of the Christian faith. The fact is, I can't see how being gay could possibly be wrong, since the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, but that you don't know the sexual orientation of your child." ~ Matt Ball, director of operations at Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation "We live in a society that is obsessed with sex. The only thing that makes us sad is when people become confused." ~ Amy Winehouse "I can't believe I'm even going to type this, but I just got an email from a friend saying, 'You look like a gay guy.' I thought that was a compliment." ~ Robby Soave, musician, songwriter, and activist, who identifies as straight, straight-laced, and heterosexual. "In the world of the gay and lesbian community, what we have to be is a lot smarter, a lot more careful, a lot more cautious, than some of the other people. We don't just go, 'OK, let's come out of the closet!' We go, 'This is what it looks like and it's what it feels like.'" ~ Peter, a bisexual man. "You'll be hard pressed to find any one of us who's gay that would not want to be seen by other gay people, if that is what it is that we are." ~ Robby Soave "If I were in a room full of homosexuals and I told them all about my sexual marg helgenberger nude orientation and they wanted to talk to me, I would be asked by the room, 'Is this true? How sith pureblood do you know it's true? Do you know what it's like?' It's such a shame that that's what it's become. People would ask, 'What would it be like to be you? What's going on in your head?' I'm not trying to be provocative, but there's really nothing wrong with it. It's really not a big deal. You know? It's just not the norm, I guess." ~ Robby Soave "I can't imagine what it would be like for my brother or my sister to go through the same thing. I'm sure it's not the same thing. But there is nothing more painful and shameful to me. It's all for myself, because I think sister fuck of all the children that are growing up and seeing what I've done and then they're going to think, 'Wow, what a shame. I didn't think of that!' They're going to think that the person that I'm with is disgusting, and it's the last thing I need." ~ Ashley Nicole Williams "It's something that I know will not be forgiven by any human. I don't think there's anyone that can ever forgive me, because I don't deserve to be forgiven. I just have this thing that I know if I ever say, 'You know what, I fucked this girl up, I didn't know that, there would be hell to pay for it. I'm so sorry." ~ Brittany Tarrant "It's horrible. I'm not proud of it, but it happens. It's my fault, and I'm sorry for the situation that I put the girls in." ~ Ashley Nicole Williams "I'm sorry. I think it's disgusting and disgusting to think about. It's like if someone came up to me and said, 'I'm going to go on a date with you, and you better be willing to have sex with me, or else.' That's what this feels like." ~ Alexia Kim "This is definitely the most disgusting thing I've ever experienced, not just because of the rape and the abuse, but because of the people involved." ~ Jessica Ashley "I can't believe that people think it's okay for a woman to say that her friend would be better off without porn. I don't have that same opinion on men having to be ashamed of what they watch." ~ jena sims nude Ashley Nicole Williams "I'm going to be honest. I am a feminist. The porn industry makes a lot of money off of violence against women. It's not just an industry, it's a society. If we are going to make changes, we have to change the way the industry works. It's time to talk about how we can prevent the abuse of women who aren't as powerful as men." ~ Katelynn "I'm so disgusted at this site. As a sex positive feminist I was so happy to see it pop up. It is sad to see that the message I want to spread about sexual assault is so often erased by this website, especially when this person has no place in my world. I've been through enough to understand that not everyone is entitled to the same level of sexual respect as me." ~ Amanda "I really want to help this guy! He is being threatened and told that he is going to be labeled a 'rapist' if he speaks up. I'm sure his girlfriend doesn't mind it, and I'm sure her parents won't either." ~ Jessica "I love this site so much! I really hope that this guy is protected from this nonsense that is being thrown at him. I was very disappointed at how it was handled. I really wanted to help this guy. I wish that I had a site like this in my community." ~ Jessica "This is a great site! This is the most important thing I have found this entire year! I don't care how it happens! I don't care if the person is a man or a woman, I just want this guy to have his voice heard!" ~ Andrea

"I'm very disappointed that the blog post was not published before today, I can only assume that the police took it out of context in order to get the article published. I hope this means that this person's story will be shared with the media. This is something that needs to be known and is very dangerous. I hope everyone is able to get their stories out, even if it's just one person." ~ Amy

"I have been researching the legal rights of people who have posted nude images on the internet. This is a very important issue to me. The First Amendment is not about 'freedom of expression' it's about the freedom of the people to speak out and say what they really think." ~ Chris

"I don't think it's fair to just say that if this girl is a girl, then this site is a girl, and there is nothing you can do about it. There are laws about child pornography, child endangerment, and sexual exploitation of minors. This site is not illegal, and I'm not worried about it. The girl is an adult in the states, she can say whatever she wants with no repercussions. There are people out there who care about this and I hope they take care of the girl. Her parents will never get the same treatment. It's a lot like the case of a child sex offender and his mom is also a porn star. It's a big deal to us." ~ Anonymous, aka The Anonymous Blogger, July 15, 2010

"This article is a compilation of things that have made me really angry. These are not things that were done to me by anyone other than me. They're things that people are doing to my kids and I am not happy about it. It's not my place to say that these things are right or wrong but I am definitely angry. I have kimberly williams-paisley nude done nothing to them other than what I have done. I want people to know that their actions can have an effect on a person in a long-term way. I wish I could say it didn't but there's something else I would have to do, that would also have an effect.