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Natalia Nix: A Real-Life Porn Star

Natalia Nix, the star of Pornhub's Top 20 Porn Videos, is one of the most famous porn stars and an expert at posing for sexy photos. Natalia is a native of San Diego, California, who is very good at modeling. In 2011, Natalia was invited to appear in the film The Top 20 Videos, directed by Robert Duvall. She was one of the first models to pose for the movie, but soon after she realized she was no longer able to stay at home, and eventually made the move to California, where she was able to pose for more porn movies. Natalia also recently starred in a movie, Natalia Nix, released on the Adult Entertainment website, where she poses for the camera in a variety of positions. This movie also shows her working in the adult-movie industry, and in the nia peeples nude process she was invited to do a few porn scenes for the porn stars and for the film industry as a whole.

Natalia Nix: A Brief History of Her Life Natalia Nix is a native of San Diego, California, who is very good at modeling. She started modeling in 2002, and was featured in a porn movie on the first day of shooting in 2002. Natalia has a passion for sex, especially for anal sex, and is quite well known for her anal adventures. She also has a rather large and beautiful ass, which is also seen in many of her porn-star pictures. She has also worked for adult-media companies, and in the process was offered a few scenes for the adult-film industry as a director, director of photography, and director of photography. As a director, she was given the title "Director", and she was paid a naughtythrowawayf fairly large salary. In 2004 she quit her job to devote all of her free time to her porn-star lifestyle, and she has since been working full time as a porn star. She has made several adult movies, and also appeared in several others. She is a rather attractive, and sexy lady. If you ever wanted to see her ass on a huge-screen, you can see it in the photo.

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