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Natalie j robb has always been a naughty lady. She is from a small town, but has had a big career. She is a real pornstar! She is also a huge fan of sex in a relationship and has done so many sex-stories, videos, and pictures. The first time she tried out porn she had a nervous breakdown. She then turned the other cheek and started to shoot for herself instead. Now, she is just starting to make it big in the porn world, but has done some great stuff in the past! She got her big break when she went out with her boyfriend to an upscale club called the Kinky. She spanktube then found herself on the set of The Sex Tape with her boyfriend. She is not a big fan of the word porn, but is more of a rule 34 naruto fan of being in a sex movie. She has really good taste in men, and is not shy to take any cock up her butt and get it done.

She was a huge fan of a certain male porn star and was so into his cock he gave her his. Natalie then decided to go down on him in the next scene. They had sex on the beach in a bikini for the first time in porn history. The following scenes included anal, oral, and sex with a giant dildo. This was all recorded on one night in 2010 in her bedroom, in the privacy of her own home. She was in the process of taking out a condom so she could get in the action. She came down for an orgasm, but she decided to take a quick break so she could masturbate. This caused her boyfriend to break up with her. This led her to start writing her own porno for the first time ever. She is a blonde bombshell, and she loves all things to do with cock.

1,056 views, 10 comments This is about mike winkle, the guy who got me into porn. I was in the same class as him, and it was his class that introduced me to the real thing. I was 14 and I liked to tease him. He liked it. One day he came into our classroom and saw me, and told me I looked nice and he didn't want to be alone with a girl until he got me to cum. He asked me to strip and then told me he wanted to show me some of his sex toys. I was totally surprised, and I thought, that was a pretty strange thing for him to ask me. That night I saw him doing stuff with his toys and I was so confused. The next day, he sent me to his bedroom and showed me all his porn. I thought, "well, he's just showing off." I went home and told my parents about it and they were totally shocked. My mom told me she had to get me a therapist because she didn't want me to be a virgin anymore. Now I know why. I know now. She's going to talk to a therapist. My dad is going to have to talk to me and ask me how I feel about my boyfriend. And my parents are going to start talking about how much I hate the porn world and why I want to quit. They're going to start doing some deep breathing exercises, and if it's not enough, then they're going to get the porn star for me to read my favorite porn magazine every day. Because there's so bebe rexha naked much porn out there. It's so bad. And it's all just made by the rich white guys who don't know what they're doing. It's disgusting. So I'm going to be a porn actress for a day or two. I just can't get enough. And I know you're going to love this. So why don't you come over tonight and I can tell you more. So go ahead and give me your number. (Kisses) Goodnight.

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I've been doing this for a while. I love to meet new people. If you ever wanted to meet me for some fun I can get you started here. (pause) Yeah, I'm serious. You need to be ready for me and see what I've got. So, I'll let you in. I'm really, really into this whole kink thing. I love the fantasy of making out with other girls and not feeling any guilt, or shame. (pause) You know, I think you're pretty jessica bartlett nude hot and all. And you're just as sexy as I think you are. (pause) Well, that's why I meowriza love you so much, so much. You're so fucking sexy and kind of cute and sweet. So cute and sweet! That's the one thing about you that I like. I just can't get enough of you. And you know what I mean? (pause) Because you're so nice and you're brinke stevens so kind and you make me happy, you're so good to me. (pause) (SFX: Sultry voice) I love you. I've got to be honest with you, Natalie. (pause) Good for you. I think you're the one that's been missing. 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I can't help it. (laugh) I guess I am a little turned on. (kissing sounds) Did you like that? You were just as turned on as I was. That was fun. I love to be touched, too. (giggle) I always feel so dirty and turned on when I'm touched. I feel that way from a lot of people, too. I want to please all of you, to please you. It feels like I'm in a trance when I'm doing this, and I'm so turned on. You've never done anything like this before. (moan) It's really good, and you're making me feel all these feelings. I love it! (moan) I think you like this, too. You want me to do more. (moan) You're so close, aren't you? I'm so close to cumming, but I can't cum. It's too much. But I'm going to do it anyway. This is the best sex I've ever had. (moan) I can't help it. I love feeling you cum inside me. (moan) Oh, that's it. I can't wait anymore. Fuck. You're so fucking hard. I want to feel it inside me. I need to feel that big fucking cock inside me. It's so big. 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No, I won't touch myself right now. I just want to play with myself. What do you think, hmm? Hmm, I think I'm wet. I've never felt so good. That feels so good. I'm going to rub my pussy for you. Mmmm. Yes, please. I'm so ready. Let me just take off my shirt and get my bra off. There. Good. Now, get my panties off. And do you see what I have underneath? Oh! Oh, my God. Look at this gorgeous body of mine. You know, this body is so hot, but I've been feeling a little self-conscious about it lately. But, I've been spending some time with this hot guy named natalie j robb, and she's got such a beautiful body. I've just been so jealous! I don't know what to do about this, but I'm thinking that if this guy doesn't like it, then I can't be with him. Well, if you don't mind, I'd love to know where he's got this body from. I mean, it's kind of hard to keep secrets about a man's body. It's almost like you're not even allowed to talk about his body. Now, if you're really interested in having sex with this guy, I don't think I can turn you down. But, it's just not a guy that I like. Do you want to have sex with him? I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but I want to know. You know, I think that's a lot better than saying you don't want to. Okay, fine. I'll get my phone out. It's just that I have a date with another girl, and she's very good-looking. It's a big deal to have a girl in bed. It's not easy to have a woman in bed, but I really want to have her. (pause) (mocking) Yeah. I think she looks a little like you. I can see her face. She looks really good too. Oh, I can't wait for the scene to start. I know you're pretty aroused right now. I'm just glad I'm not wearing a bra. (pause) No. I can't be. I'm the sexy little porn-star, so why should I wear something to show off? (pause) Mm. This is pretty hot. I hope you get off on it. It's not too long since I've fucked you. Let me just unbutton my pants. Mm. So good. 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