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American porn star Jenna Jameson, known for her role as "The Ultimate Porn Star" (and also for her role in "The Amazing Race") is in some way tied with her boyfriend, porn star, actor and model Cameron Bay (whose real name is Chris Hardwick). The duo share the same parents (who are both named Cameron), they share the same hometown (Newport, RI), and they share their first names. The couple is the subject of a new porn blog series "Sexiest Couples in America". There are currently about 20 American porn star couples that are featured in the series. One of these couples is that of Jenna Jameson and Chris Hardwick. In the series, they are joined by fellow porn star, Cameron Bay, and also some other porn stars, including Angelina Jolie and Chris Tucker. The couple were born in Rhode Island. Jenna Jameson's parents were not married when she was born, which gave her a slightly different look. She is also the eldest of the Jameson's children. Chris Hardwick's parents were divorced, so he had a different look. He has since had a divorce, and has become more like his dad. There are some similarities between both men and their family members. Both of their mothers were divorced as well. He and Jenna Jameson both have a brother, Ryan Jameson, who is also a celebrity. The brothers have always been close, and even play together on occasion. The brothers are close friends and work together on the set of their movie. Chris is also the star of the new movie "Torn". They both do porn movies together.

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