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Nikkie Minaj is one of the most famous adult actresses. She was one of the first models to become successful, and since then she has amassed quite a following. She is also the model of the "Naughty in Love", which is the biggest sex magazine in the world.

She is currently starring in a major film called "No.1.0". She has also appeared in several TV shows, like the "X Factor" and "Project Runway". She also made a music video with the rapper Young Thug.

Nikkie Minaj was born in New Jersey on June 26, 1988. Her parents are her stepfather, Dwayne Minaj, and her mother, Terrell Minaj. She was raised in a typical New Jersey family, although her parents were divorced when she was very young. She lived with her older half-siblings, until they turned out to be drugs addicts. They later separated and her older half-siblings moved out. When her mother finally remarried, she decided that it would be best to live with her father's new stepfather. Minaj lived with him until she was 12 years old. The first time she ever had sex was with her stepfather's new boyfriend at the time. She got pregnant after the wedding with his child. Minaj was just a virgin at the time but was already thinking of her life beyond the porno world. Her stepfather took his own life the day after the pregnancy with his new boyfriend. Minaj's father's step-father was an adult porn star at the time. His family had to go through some really hard times when they found out his porn-star father was a porn-star.

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