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Mardi Gras, Bisexual or Bisexual or Gay: Who should I have in my life? I love Mardi Gras, so, I'm always ready to go and I'm always down to go to Bisexual Pride. I really want to go to a Bisexual Pride, because I can't really get a date and I would love to meet a few girls, and it's nice to meet people, you know? That would be great. I'm also interested in Mardi Gras but it's kind of a weird thing to go, you know. I'm into the whole dance thing and I think that you just want to dance. It's really important to me to have a great time and I just want to enjoy it and not be afraid. That's what I've always wanted to do. I'd like to do a little dance and be a little bit of a freak and go around the streets and be like this!

How old are you? How old do you think you will be?

Well, I think I'm going to be like 25. I was supposed to be 25 last summer, but I got so sick of the whole thing and decided to go back to school, you know. It's really been a long, long process, but I've been making the transition. I'm learning things and I've gotten to know a lot more girls now nsfw snapchat that I knew before, so that's been a plus for me.

Are you a model or a dancer?

I'm a dancer, and I am going to start modeling again when I get out of school, and then after that I 'll just be doing my own thing. I don't really care about being a model because I'm just doing it for fun and I think that it's cool that other people are interested in my work. I think if I go on a model shoot, it's like a sign that people want to see me, but the whole point is to be on camera. It's a weird feeling.

I think people see my body and think, "Oh, she's going to be skinny and curvy." But it's just not true. I'm like a lot of women my age who have a lot of curves because of breast augmentation. My breasts are just like a huge glob that I had done for the porn industry. They just kind of grow. It's funny because when I started modeling, I wasn't really aware of breasts. I always thought of my boobs and said, "Oh, I have big boobs, so they're going to anal virgin be big." I think that it took me awhile to realize that, "Wow, it's actually really hard to have big boobs." And then once you learn to enjoy them, it's really hard to not enjoy them. It just kind of became something I was very comfortable with. My boobs have been a bit bigger than I think they would have been, and I've been doing a lot of weight lifting lately and I've gained weight. I used to be about 160 pounds and I'm almost 190 now. I started doing it because I got bored with the skinny jeans. I've got a really great fit, so I thought, "Hey, I might want to change a little bit and just try to add some muscle to my chest." I got a really good workout in the gym and I did some weight lifting in the weight room, and it just started to make a huge difference in my life. My breasts are so huge. I'm the size of a giant, so it's hard to say how much they're growing. I've never been a size 0 or 1, and I think I'm maybe a size 2. They're also so round. I'm not like a lot of women who are smaller than a size 14. I'm just so small and have that flat chest I love so much. I've always been attracted to big, beautiful women who don't really care what I do. I'm just so beautiful. My husband and I have a huge sex life. I have three orgasms a night, usually with my husband. He's really good with his hands, and I like having hands with me. We go to bed together, sometimes multiple times a night. He is a total pervert, and he likes to watch porn. He's into anal, and I am super hot, but I am also very open minded. I enjoy watching a lot of different stuff. And I don't care if you're a guy or a girl. He doesn't have to like it. He just has to like my boobs, my ass, or my pussy, and that's that.

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