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The first is that if a pornstar gets too much done, she becomes tired. Not to be confused with being tired, they can also develop an addiction. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is the pornstar's job to be constantly active, and so they should make an effort to eat, drink, sleep, and get enough sleep. The second is that, at the end of the day, a pornstar can become too bored with her milf fucked job to perform. It is very hard to say whether or not this is a problem, but it does happen. If you look at many pornstar pictures, they are extremely well groomed and sexy, but when they are in the same room, it is hard to concentrate. You will notice they will start masturbating when they are with you. For these reasons, I believe that it is important to let the pornstar know what to expect and that they should be careful if they have an erotic job. This also means that the pornstar should try to do less of their own work. They should try to perform more of it for you.

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