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I am so thankful to Katt, Anikka, and Megan for letting me talk with these women about what is so wonderful about being a sex-worker in New York. It's about learning to be comfortable with people who don't always understand what you do or who might be afraid of the stuff you do or what you are doing is wrong or maybe even offensive, or might be a big problem.

There's nothing worse than having a conversation with someone who can't see the world in a way that is not always clear, and when you do, you learn so much about yourself. I got to know so many of these women so well over these past years, so many of them I'll never forget. I've been talking to Katt, Anikka, Megan, and a number of others for over five years. And I've come to the conclusion that they are all fantastic and very, very good people. There's no easy way to describe what these people do, but there's nothing I can't understand. They're doing their work and doing it right. So much of what I am doing as a blogger is about sharing with you what I think and do. If I can help you in any way, that's great, but I'm not here to tell you what to do or what to like. It's just the way I think. And if anyone ever told me I was not a real blogger, I would call them an idiot. But now that I've seen this, I can't help but share. This neighbor is a true porn-busta. 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