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A few people may have noticed that I've been posting a lot more porn-blog articles than usual lately, and the reason is simple: my personal life has become very busy, and as such, the blog has taken a backseat. This blog is still very much a labor of love, but I've been forced to cut a lot of it off. This post won't be going back into my daily blog rotation. I'm also going to be trying out some new writing tools to help me out with this post, and I hope you'll like them.

Today, I'd like to share a few of my favorite stories from the past year. I thought it would be interesting to share some stories I've always had a soft spot for. The story in question was told to me by one of my favorite porn-bloggers, Ashley T., so I've chosen to post it here on Femdom, my Femdom blog. I've also decided to publish this story for all of you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I had just finished my second week as a nurumassage, and I was ready for the day to go back to my regular life. I had the apartment to myself, the boyfriend, the phone, a whole lot of time off, and all the freedom I could ask for. It was a beautiful day in March, my 21st, and I thought, "Okay, today's gonna be a good day."

I was up early, making sure my boyfriend was awake by 8:45am. It wasn't the best day, but I felt like it was going to be better than the last. I'd had enough to drink that night, and I wanted to make sure it would be a good one. I would spend the rest of the day drinking alone and studying. I'd also spend a lot of time on the internet, reading porn and chatting up women online. I was just excited to be doing this for a living.

I started studying the internet with my eyes closed and tried to make it as sexy as I could. I did a lot of reading and got into a routine of searching for porn videos, trying to get the best quality possible. When I was done I could look at it in real life, and was satisfied. I found a video of a guy who was using a strap-on dildo. He was fucking a guy. I was interested and got myself ready for some action. When he started on her I knew I had to do it right away. I thought it would be easy and that it would be a quick fix. I figured this is a sex thing. I am a female, so I am in the age for this type of thing, but the man I was fucking, I would like to fuck. I think this guy was in his early 40's, or maybe he was in his mid 40's, but I couldn't see any reason that this guy would be so turned on by a girl, that is older than he. I really thought he would be turned off by the way I looked. I was trying to not even be a flirt, but the man was making me feel like I was a pretty girl in heat, like a hot babe who would make a guy porn vidoes want to go home with her, and it was hard not to. I had never had anything to do with porn in my life. I don't even know how old I was when I started doing this.

I have never had an erection before, but the way he looked at me and the way his eyes lit up, made me think that he wanted to be in control of the situation. He told me I had beautiful eyes, and that I looked nice in that dress. I felt like a slut. I had never been to a porn movie, but that free xxx didn't matter. He told me that when he went to college, he was the most popular man in his class. He talked about how he would get his girlfriend to go out with him for his first time, and they would go out together, and when he got home, he would be alone and horny, and he would have his dick sucked off. I was horny, and he asked me if I was willing. So I told him, and then he got down on his knees and took out my pussy, and started sucking on my clit. He took it really deep, and I started to scream, and he sucked hard on my clit while I screamed in pain. Then, he let me go, and I took off my panties and what is a pawg I said "please, I want you to fuck me." He said, "I've always wanted to fuck you."

I told him, "I want to fuck you, too." And he started taking off his clothes, and he said, "Please, put it in me." And he said, "I've never felt it before." I said, "You've never felt it?" And he said, "Yes, I've felt it before. It's really nice." And so we started fucking. He had his cock out of me by fairly oddparents porn the end of the night. I went home that day, and we just talked about sex. We went for coffee and he asked me about my parents. We talked about sex a lot, and I told him that he was really hot. I really really loved him and that I loved him.

We did fuck for caught wanking a few weeks. Then, I started to get really hot, like really horny. I was really hard. I really wanted to have sex. But I was too scared to do anything, and I felt like shit. I wanted to do it, but I was so afraid of what I would think of me. I couldn't do anything about it. So, I just lay on my back and looked at porn for a while. Then, I looked at my legs, and I just laughed. I mean, the porn was pretty bad, and I really thought I was going to get it all over me, but then I got something else: I started fucking myself. I'd like to think this is just a very, very small side effect. I was like the fucking cat from "Cat in the Hat", and it was just a normal, healthy experience. So what is the difference? Well, the major difference is that my mind went completely numb. So, in other words, I didn't feel any pain. If you're reading this and you're one of those people who has had a lot of pain during sexual experience and can't get rid of it, I highly recommend you not to read any further. There's nothing to be gained from reading about that stuff. Now, a few months later, I had an experience like I had had in that "cat in the hat" situation. I was masturbating. I was not aroused and was just trying to get myself off. And I got up and looked around me. I saw this huge, hairy body sitting on my bed in front of me. I looked at my cock and realized that it was in the middle of a very wet and very hot spot, not where my penis normally is. So, I started stroking myself, and I was getting close to cumming. Suddenly I got up and started walking. But then I thought I would stop and go to the bathroom to change. So, I went in the bathroom, and came back out to look at my cock and see if I had cum, but I had not. So, I put my clothes back on and headed outside, so I could get back to the bed. I was still stroking my cock when I looked down and saw that my dick had become swollen and hard. And it was not what I had expected. I put my shirt on and got ready to change into a bra. And I decided to take it out of the box. I was not happy that I had to get my shirt off to change into my bra. This was not the same kind of situation as when I got out of the car in front of my girlfriend. I could have gone back into the car and changed into the bra myself. But, I didn't want to make the mistake of taking off my bra while I was lucy liu nude at work. But, if I could do that now, I would have. The bra came off, my nipples were exposed and, like I had foreseen, the pressure in my nipples was unbearable. After all, I was in my bra and they were not. I didn't really know what to do, so I put the bra on my head, which was a bit painful at first, and I walked back to my girlfriend. I could tell she was worried. "Do you think it's okay?" she asked. I didn't know what to say. "Yes," I answered. I started to walk. She was still worried and I knew it. I didn't like to ask a stranger how I should feel about something. I knew I didn't want to be embarrassed. "You're a virgin?" "Not anymore." Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I felt like it was an act of mercy. "Are you married?" She had an amused, surprised look in her eyes, but then she looked at me. "I mean no." My stomach tightened. "I don't know where you're coming from. I don't want to talk about it." She said that she would never tell. I told her that she could do it as long as she didn't tell anyone. "You can make sure nobody knows," she said. "I'll take care of that." She laughed and said, "I'll go do my thing, okay?" I asked why she'd be so secretive about it, to which she replied, "I don't know. I guess it just comes with the business. I don't know." I asked her why she'd agreed to do it and she said, "I don't want to hurt you. I'm a professional. I can't tell people. I've made a lot of money doing this so I'm willing to do it if it means I can help people." It was the only thing that seemed to bother her at the time. "It was just something I thought I should do," she continued. "I don't know what I'm going to do, but I feel really guilty about it because I've got two kids and I'm doing all these things to make money. So I'm going to go on a porn-blog and try to make people happy." As I watched her, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. "I'm sorry," I said to her. "I know you're a good person. You've been on all these porn-blog sites, and it really doesn't matter what you do. You can still help other people." "Yeah, you're right," she said. "I wish I had known what I was doing. You don't have to do anything. It's not really the time." I laughed, thinking about how crazy it would have bailey knox been to be on a porn-blog site and see how many people I could get off with, and how I would have to go through so much effort just to get off one guy. She told me that was fine with her. She just had to learn more. I had a very strong desire to find someone who knew what they were doing, so I called her up to ask her questions about it. She wasn't really excited about that. The best way to find out how someone is going to approach sex with me was to show her the porn. When I showed her the videos, she wasn't really impressed.