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Miyabiyaki: A young man who was a member of the "Kotaku In Action" site, who had just gotten out from prison, and was living with a girl friend. This is an excerpt from the article:

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We met at my work and when we started having sex, I wasn't even wagaya no liliana thinking about anything else. We just enjoyed each other. She is super cute and a sweetheart. I'm a little worried she is a fake, but I can tell she is. I am totally going to cheat on her and I don't care. I have to. I don't care that she is an okusama wa moto yariman. I guess it would be cheating. I know that the Japanese are not known for being monogamous. There are no monogamous marriages. I know, I know, the Japanese love cheating, too. The reason why we love this kind of sex is because it is sex without any sexual tension. Japanese love sex without the sense of needing a woman to fulfill her sexual needs. This sex is not like sex with a man who wants to have sex with you every second, but instead sex without a sexual tension. So, let me try to explain what exactly the definition of a 'good girl' in Japan is.

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