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We believe that you have the right to know as much about porn as possible, and we will never take any credit for anything on our site. So please, if you have an issue or question about porn that doesn't seem to be answered on this page, please reach out to us. We'll work with you to resolve the problem. And as always, we will never delete any information about you or your account. We only ask that you do us the favor of telling us playnaughty about any issues you may have, so we can make sure we have everything up to date on everything that you might need. It's been a couple of weeks since I posted a new porn-blog article, so I figured I'd take a little break from the blog. But now I feel like this needs more attention! So here is a new blog post, and I'm looking forward to more to come in the future! If you're a new reader, or you want to check out our previous posts, feel free to click here. So what's new this time? Here are some highlights: - We've got an update to the "What's New" section, covering the release of the 2nd part of the series! We've also added some information about the new movie "Avenger's Strike" - We've got a new video for the new music video by B2K, as well as some other videos from that artist! - And we're finally up to date with the "In-App Purchases" section! Here's a brief explanation, because I don't know about you, but if you don't know about "In-App Purchases", you probably shouldn't be buying apps from our site. That being said, there are a number of apps on our site that you can get for free, but you'll probably want to pay to install them. The "In-App Purchases" section will let you see all the apps that we've made available for free in the future. - We've added a new section to the "Favorites" section, where you can view all the links to porn-blog posts you've written for us so far. It's now so easy to see what's been published, what we've done in the past, and what's to come. So if you've been writing about porn or getting into it lately, and you want to keep up with our latest updates, now is the time! - There's also a new "Recent Porn Videos" section, featuring more porn-blog videos to be posted soon, as well as our "What's New" video series and a short movie preview! - If you're feeling nostalgic for the past, you can get a taste of the site's early days with our "Welcome" video. Also, if you'd like to get the new "Avenger's Strike" video for free, simply download the link to your hard drive and visit the new "Favorites" section in the main menu! And now we've added the link to the "About" page. That's it for now! We're always working to keep you in the know about the newest updates and content we have available, so feel free to stay in the loop if you have any suggestions on what we can do to further expand the site and help you make more porn-blog posts.