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1. Misaki Miyagawa – Japanese porn star and model, Misaki Miyagawa, was born in 1992 in Tokyo. In gloryhole the beginning of 2010, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress, and since then she black tgirls has been a regular on the adult industry. She has a total of 3 films so far, all of them with the big names.

2. Shiraishi Tsubasa – Shiraishi Tsubasa is one of the newest Japanese porn stars, having been born in 2012 in Tokyo. She has a lot of porn-stars, but all of them are young and only starting out. This is a very popular porn star, and you will be surprised how many adult-movie lovers you'll meet in your porn-blog. 3. Gokumi Shion – Gokumi Shion is another young Japanese porn star, who came to the UK in 2014. Her most famous film is a remake of the Japanese classic, "Hana no Uta". The name of the movie, Hana no Uta, comes from a famous Japanese legend of how a young girl, who could not find a boy to marry, decided to take a trip to a remote island. In the movie, the girl was able to kiss a lot of men and they loved her for it. In the beginning, she had a great fan-base, but then, the film was canceled due to budget cuts. The film made a good impression and it got good ratings in Japan, and the popularity of the film led to the production of many sequels and other works for the film, such as a short film called Hana no Uta Kaze, or "The First Date for One Night". The film earned some very good reviews in Japan, and is widely considered to be a good classic. The film is a love story of a shy girl, named Mika, who falls in love with a handsome prince. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, Mika ends up in the palace and is taken away by her father.

In the movie, the prince, who was a good friend of Mika, wanted to marry her, but his father wanted her to return to her kingdom of Nara.