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Patricia Heaton Hot (Busty, 40, English, Brit)

She's always been the type of lady who will go out of her way to do favors for you. She never says no to you, and that is a big part of her charm. Patricia will have you looking her way as soon as she finds the right moment, whether it be in a bar, at a concert or in bed. Patricia is also one of the few porn stars that do it for a living, so the experience she has in the industry is priceless. She can handle any situation and will never let you down. She is one of the most exciting and confident porn stars around today and will have you watching her on the tube for days, weeks and even months on end.

When it comes to women, Patricia is definitely one of the best. She is very good looking, has a great body, a great voice and is very outgoing. In fact, the more time you spend with her, the more attractive she is, especially for the ladies. She has been featured in magazines, web sites, TV shows, videos and films. In addition, she has also been doing live performances for adult entertainment companies and even is a model for some adult entertainment companies.

The most important thing about Patricia, however, is that she is extremely nice to everyone she meets and her looks make her seem very friendly. Patricia is really good looking in both clothes and body. She also is very outgoing and friendly. People always think she's pretty when she's alone or in a car. If you ever want to know more about her, you can always ask her for a free photo of her in her clothes. She has a lot of friends in the adult entertainment industry and some of them are also working in the industry. Patricia and her husband Michael are now married and have two daughters.

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