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A few years ago, there was a news report about a couple who got married and got married again because the first time they had sex, the woman got pregnant. Since then, they've tried a few times to have sex but they've all failed miserably. At this point, they're thinking about divorce, or getting back together and getting a new man. As if it wasn't bad enough, their husbands are getting back together too! That just makes their misery worse. After watching this video, which talks about how the wife has to deal with her husband cheating, it makes a lot of sense. If you were married to a person like this, it's easy to just give up, but this is a married person, so they're not going to give up. So, this video gives them the perfect outlet for them to vent, to let them feel a little less alone.

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We found this video on Vimeo. You should watch it. If you don't, watch it again. You'll see what Dave's business is all about.

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