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Persian kitty was born on May 1st, 2009 in Turkey. She was born in a small village called Çanakkale, in the town of Akçakale in the province of Şenci, in the North of Turkey. Her father, a farmer, died before the girl was born. She lived with her two younger siblings. She had a pet tiger, a monkey and a cow, who was called "diyun". Her sister was pregnant with her and she died before the birth of her child. The girl stayed with her cousin, her mother's step brother, for a few months, when her cousin died. Then her mother remarried a man from the village, and the girl's father died.

Before moving to the United States, she stayed with her maternal uncle for a month. The girl's father was born in the same village, a few years after the girl's mother passed away. Her maternal uncle also left after the boy's mother passed away. The girl went to live with her grandfather who is a local warlord, while the boy is with his uncle. The uncle is also a soldier and had his own military training, in which he was trained to fight in the Iraq war. The girl grew up in the village and is a member of the village women's committee. The uncle is the head of the local warlord's militia, a militia comprised of mainly men who have joined up for the purpose of fighting, as well as their families and their own children. The warlord's militia consists mostly of young men and the militia is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the local population and ensuring that local children are raised in bbw booty a safe environment. 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