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And now, I give you the very first part of my interview with the porn star Podrywacze. She's a professional porn star who has starred in hundreds of scenes, including her latest, for a very large company. She is also a professional dominatrix. And she is a great girl. Podrywacze will introduce you to the world of porn, and also the sex industry in general. So let's start our interview. Podrywacze: "Hello!" Hello, everyone! I'm Podrywacze. I'm the owner of a company called "", where I create all kinds of interesting and interesting content and interviews. And I want to let you all know that, as the owner of the website, I will only post the porn videos that I personally found on the web. So, if you have any suggestions or suggestions of what I should have a look at, please let me know! Thank you for listening. In order to do that, we have a lot of requests from people on the forum, so I figured that it would be best if we could do it live. I've always wanted to do something like this myself, and now sex pron it's finally time! So, I'll do my best. I'll be there from 8am to 3pm EST on Wednesday the 27th, so make sure you arrive early. As the host, I will be there to make sure that the best videos are put out there first. For now, I'll keep this thread updated on this thread with the most recent content, so make sure to come back and check out the latest videos as they are added. And of course, if there is anything new, make sure to let me know! So, with that in mind, here are the videos from this month's "Dank Blogging" podcast! [00:00:07] "Dank Blogging Podcast #18" – [00:00:09] We'll start with a chat about the recent big news regarding the new show that will air this season, The Erotic Experience. Also, a new show, The Sex Tape, is coming soon, and you can see a preview of it here. [00:00:31] "Dank Blogging Podcast #17" – [00:00:32] In this episode, I'll talk about the various shows that will be airing on PornHub this season and the sexy nudes new new feature we'll be adding to it, The New Dank Porn. [00:01:19] "Dank Blogging Podcast #16" – [00:00:42] This episode, I'll be talking about some of the stuff I've been working on, some of the different projects I've got lined up. I'll also talk about a little bit of what I've been up to, my future projects, and more. Also, I'll share some stories , but be very careful what you read in this blog post, it's probably going to get your dick in a vice! [00:01:41] "Dank Blogging Podcast #15" – [00:01:43] This is a quick episode, it's going to have a lot of information, so if you are interested, be sure to check out my next post for the full show. Also, a review of the new book from PornHub, The Erotic Experience by Jennifer White. It's about sex toys, and how they can help you reach new levels of satisfaction and be a more creative and sexually adventurous person. [00:01:52] "Dank Blogging Podcast #14" – [00:01:57] This is a new show that's being created and I have some great things to talk about with the first episode of it coming up on Tuesday. [00:02:07] "Dank Blogging Podcast #13" – [00:02:16] I have two more episodes in the queue, I've been working on some more information and getting some more content up, and I'll be discussing some of my pinup files other projects. Also, this episode is a podcast from the last pod, but it's the only podcast I'm working on at the moment. This is the most important episode of the week, so if you haven't heard it yet, be sure to check it out. [00:02:37] "Dank Blogging Podcast #12" – [00:02:48] I want to go over some things that happened in the last month or so, a lot of my work has moved into a new space, a new office, and some of my friends have moved in as well. If you have any questions about anything in my life, you can send me an email and I can try to answer them, or if I am available, I'm happy to chat with you, but I don't have a social media account so we'll just do it over the phone, but I do have Twitter, so I will be responding to everyone on Twitter, if you would like to be a part of my new project, be sure to follow me on Twitter and my blog. [00:02:56] "Dank Blogging Podcast #11" – [00:02:59] In this podcast I discuss some things I've been doing that I haven't really talked about before, I want to talk a little bit about that because there's been a lot of interest from all over the internet, but especially my friends and fans have been sending me e-mails and asking me about a lot of the things I do and how they can get involved with that, but I am actually trying to take it one step further.