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• In addition to being the writer behind the blog and its original post on Adulthub, Ryan Pory runs a new porn website that looks like it could be a place for you to browse a variety of porn sites. There's no official site, and Pory won't tell me what type of porn it's focused on, but it is free to browse. The site is called Adulthub, and Pory told me about it over email. It's called a porno-blog, and Pory describes it this way: "Our blog is for you to get a lot of information on our sites. This is mainly for entertainment purposes, but we do make a small percentage of money from it." I checked out this porno-blog to find out more. • Pory, who is 29, is the founder of Adulthub. He started the blog in May 2012, and in his first week, he wrote about 2,600 words about the subject of the blog. Adulthub now has 10,000 readers, with Pory writing an average of 10,000 words a week. He says he wants to make money from the blog and that his goal is to have 15,000 words a week. That's a lot of content for someone who writes at the rate he does. • Adulthub is a popular porn-blog for adults. Adulthub's blog is often cited as the best porn-blog on the internet. The blog is based in the Netherlands and has been active since May 2012. In April 2013, Adulthub wrote the first blog post about what it was like to shoot a video for a Dutch porn-video website. He says he has over 150 videos of his work. Adulthub does a lot of modeling and has been featured in several porn videos. • Porn-news is one of pussy close up the leading adult websites for adults. Porn-news has over 1,600,000 unique users daily, and they have over 300,000 blog readers each day. The site is based in the United States and is owned by Pornhub. Pornhub is the number 1 most visited porn site in the world according to Alexa rankings.

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