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Porn is just a dirty word that everyone is getting off on. Here is a summary from a video about the difference between porn and pornhub: " is a website that lets you find, watch, and download a whole lot of porn. If you're looking for something really hardcore, you'll find it here. The people behind Pornhub are the people behind the internet itself, which means their content is the exact same thing. So it's just a huge list of stuff they have to offer. You can pick from anything from amateur sex tapes to hard core hardcore porn. Some of it is very, very good and some of it is not so good. I'm going to explain exactly why, because the porn isn't really what you want to watch. "The site features the biggest pornstars around and they're the best of the best, not the biggest pornstars. That means the site includes the hottest hot girls you've ever seen. This makes it fun to browse." The main thing is the quality of the photos, and the videos are just as good as they are on the site. 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"The porn industry has always been a very shady business," writes one of the authors of Pornhub's Pornhub Guide. "But for years it was also a very dirty business. It's true that the industry has been cleaned up over the years, but it's still very dirty." It's true. Pornhub is in fact the second-most-visited website in the world, and it is the largest pornhub, with an estimated 40 million unique visitors a month. But pornhub is nothing compared to a blog called PornHub, which has 2 million daily visitors.