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What kind of porn does she like to watch?

Do they watch hardcore porn? (You've asked the wrong question, because hardcore porn is not all about pussies.)

Is it on TV? Do they watch movies on the TV?

Are they in a relationship with another girl? Do they want to be with other girls? (If so, you may want to see if they watch other girls. If they don't, then you need to talk to them about what makes you comfortable.)

Do they like to watch dirty and kinky porn? (This might be the most important question here, because the way to know if someone is a slut or not is by looking at their porn-blog, reading their blog-posts, and having a good conversation with them. If you are a lesbian, you're going to be looking at lesbian porn, and if you're a straight girl, you'll probably be looking at straight porn.)

Now that we've covered a lot of important questions, we can now go in to find out what she likes to watch. (She's probably in a relationship now, because this is a good place to ask how to get in to that.)

Do she like the guys that she's with?

This is the hardest question to answer, because we don't have an answer to it yet, and because porn-bloggers are still learning what the real answer is. (Just like real-life lesbians, they're still learning how to be lesbian.)

The thing we do know is that she's probably dating guys.

But who are the guys? How do they make money? How are they different than girls? What are their habits? (There are many things that make a good guy, but there are some that make a bad guy too. And if a porn-blogger has a good conversation with her ex, there may be a lot of information in her blog that makes him a good guy.)

So we need to get our hands dirty. Do we have any examples of how a couple of guys have done something right in porn? Do they seem to have the most natural sex and are the best at kissing and fucking? Do they always make the best porn together? Are they the kind of guys that a woman who wants to be in a long-term relationship wants? Is this guy gay? (These are questions that can help you figure out if a guy is "good" in the long-term relationship.)

Do they watch porn together?

Now that we have the answer to what she likes to watch, we need to find out what kind of porn she watches. If we're talking about a heterosexual couple, we can usually figure out the answer to this question by checking the number of videos in which one guy is the main performer and the other guy is just there to serve as a "stunt man". This kind of porn may have to do with the man's occupation or, even worse, may be just the guy he's friends with. (There is a lot of research on this.)

Here are the basics of the type of porn we have in this study:

Most are not very violent, and most are only about 50 minutes long. (The average porn-porn video is 10 minutes long.)

Most videos are short and to the point, with the man performing a few scenes in each scene. Most of the videos in the study were less than ten minutes long. (About three-fourths of the videos were under ten minutes long.)

In most cases, there were no anal scenes at all. The only anal scene, of course, was in the video on the right. There were two sex scenes in the study. The men were also sister seduces brother encouraged to take their clothes off (though not much else), and several couples were featured in porn films, in which the couples were shown to be engaged in sex. A few couples did get naked, but this was generally in a context that did not involve anal sex. In these movies, the couple got some sort of physical contact (a slap, a blow job, or a hand job), and the couple's genitals were touched. All of the movies featured some kind of sex act (i.e., handjob, or fistjob, or anal sex), but no penetration. The videos are available for download for the low price of $2.99. If you want to know more, or get your own copy of the video, visit PornHub and watch the entire video (but leave out the anal) on your computer. The article was written by an anthropologist at the University of Florida named Karen Hui and published in Pornography and the Male Sexual Interest.

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