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I know a few women that are models that have worked on the site before. I used to see some of them on my website, and I really liked what I saw! They all looked really good! What's the most common questions you get asked?

The most common questions I get asked is, "How old are you?"

or "When were you born?" I usually just say I'm 22, but there are some girls that are more mature and have some info like where they were born. I have many of the girls from my site who are about 12-18 years old, but I like to see younger. I also get a lot of questions about the site being legal. It is, but some girls don't mind if it's not legal, just to get some tips. When it comes to the actual porn-sex and the modeling, it is still legal. There are some girls who can not allow me to photograph them or perform them in the sex-productions, but I don't mind. They can just do their own thing.

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