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Ahegao is a Japanese adult film actress, who has worked on Japanese adult films since 2005. She is a former model who was discovered on the Internet and gained a great reputation among the Japanese adult community. Her real name is Yoshiko. She was born in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Japan to attend a Japanese elementary school. Since she was 15 years old she started doing porn scenes and was soon discovered by adult producers and was quickly promoted to the highest level of the industry. She was given the nickname of "ahegao" because she has such an amazing body. Her most famous film, "Ana, Erogyne, Shoujo". In 2005 she appeared in "Funny Girl", one of the most famous porn movies ever. Since then, she has appeared in over 100 movies and also got to be a model for famous adult magazines and brands like "Ero-Girls". Today, she is a Japanese actress known for her amazing body, her amazing skills in front of camera, and her amazing natural looks. In 2006, she started making a comeback into the adult scene after a long time. She is a sex idol in Japan and now she is promoting herself through her websites, making a lot of money. Her first film "Ana Erogyne" is already out of the box sex movie of an adult star with amazing natural and beautiful body, who was made famous by her film "Ana Erogyne". This movie was a total success and this movie was very well received by the public and porn fans. She is known for having great tits and a hot body and she has also been known for her hot voice in movies, videos and videos that she has done for the porn magazines. In 2008, she was the first actress to star in one of the famous Japanese porn magazines "Amerikan" and her video "Dance and Love" made her a real porn star with her very hot body.

As she had made a comeback to the adult industry in 2006, her popularity and her popularity made her into an idol in Japan. She is known as the "Tsukamoto no Ame" or "Tsukamoto No Ane". She has also been the favorite among the people as her sexy image. She is a sexy model and actress that has been a famous porn star for several years. It is also known that she has been one of the most popular porn stars in karen gillan sexy the country and it is reported that she has earned a lot of money. She was a regular on porn sites such as "Takara", "Javcams", "Viv Thomas", "Big Dick Porno", "Big tit porno", "Anakar-Porn", "Sexporn" and other famous porn sites. Tsukamoto no Ame is an actress, porn star and model with a lot of experience in porn-entertainment. When she was in college, she was a part of the "Tsukamoto no Ame" group and her "Ame no Natsu" and "Anakar" series of manga was popular. When she was young, she also starred in the movie "Ao-Koro". This is how she got a name "Tsukamoto Ame" Tsukamoto no Ame was born on 5 April 1981 in Kawasaki City, Fukuoka. She has a very beautiful face with long black hair and blue eyes. It is also reported that Tsukamoto no Ame's breasts are a porno movie bit bigger than average, and her height is usually in the range of 5'1" – 5'2". She is a very beautiful and innocent girl. She is women giving blowjobs very open and friendly with anyone and everyone. After graduating from university, Tsukamoto was working as a model in several adult sites, but her career in porn ended at the end of 2004. When she started her own website in 2007, she decided to give more of her free time to modeling. She began by making her own amateur photos for free using her iPhone. She then started working on a website for adult video which made her the most famous adult model on the internet. She still maintains this website today and she is still busy making new videos. Tsukamoto's first real sex video was made in June, 2009. At the time, she was 19 years old. In 2011, she started her second adult movie called "Sucking the cock of a hot amateur girl". The video is made by Tsukamoto-san and was first shown in November, 2011. The girl was 15 years old, and she was an amateur porn actress. The video is very erotic with an intense face fuck. You can also find some interesting porn pics and movies of Tsukamoto-san in her own page.

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