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The first of its kind, and the most interesting part of this blog post is that preggo is a fully fledged porn site that runs in the browser. That means that you don't need to download anything, set up any software, or even log in to do it. All you need is a browser, and preggo.

Why should you care about preggo? Because of what it represents and the future of pornography. Preggo, as the name implies, is the future of porn and has been since 2011. The current state of porn on the web, at least with the current generation of browsers, is a mess of half-assed filters and terrible filtering software. Preggo has come from a place of genuine concern for porn's future and aims to help the internet be a better place. I'm going to go into the background of what preggo is and why it matters. A brief description of preggo. I know I'm probably the only one to ever sex in office talk about this, so I figured I'd try to keep this brief. In 2009 the adult entertainment industry was rocked by the massive scandal of the Ashley Madison hack. A hack that revealed thousands of nude and professional images of over a million men and women. I say "men and women" as many men as women had their private information included in the hack. While I'm sure many women were upset with how this hack has changed the game for the adult industry, I am also sure some men were hurt and hurt by this news. This was a huge blow to the industry and its ability to grow and thrive.

As part of this shock, the entertainment industry took a huge hit on it's sales. While this was obviously a bad thing, it didn't stop the industry from continuing to make the product people wanted. In 2011 a new reddit upskirt law was enacted, one that is now being used by the porn industry to fight back against a new generation of internet censorship. Now, with a little bit of help, a lot of work and time from a lot of good people, this industry will be back on top. You can help by being a backer. You can also help by spreading the word and talking to your friends about porn. Even better, make a donation to the new website that will take care of your old content (it is only one page and has been designed for new readers). You can read a more in depth article here. And that is how I started my porn-blog. It wasn't until after a long time that I started to read the posts and news on reddit. I was on a mission. I needed to create a community that would keep us posted about porn. I knew about the existence of reddit and had heard a lot of people talk about it. But it wasn't until I started getting comments that I really started to understand the nature of this community. It was about finding the porn we've been missing. It was about helping people find what they're looking for and help them find it, whether it's a good deal or not. I had a ton of fun doing this. I'm looking forward to the next time I need to be on a porn-chat to find something. And I hope that this will be the future of reddit porn!

What about you guys? Have you been to reddit porn?

I went to some porn-chats on reddit a few months ago. They are still very popular. I had some really fun times. I'd love to see reddit porn as an option for porn lovers in the future. I think that's where all the good porn sites like reddit are headed. I don't think porn in general is going to go away, but reddit has certainly helped to change the game.

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