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If you are looking for some other porn-bloggers, check out this article that is about porn-bloggers in general: Porn-Bloggers In General: In this article you can find some information about the most popular porn-bloggers, who have also been published in our Porn-Blogger section. If you want to know about other adult content providers, check out this article: The Best Porn Websites. It provides information about different porn sites, who they are and more. You are probably curious about the different categories of porn, but how do you decide which is the best porn to watch? Well, the best porn is definitely an issue of taste. Most of us prefer to watch a specific type of porn, and that's what is the subject of this article. To begin, let us have a look at our Top Porn Types. Porn Types (A) These are the top 10 most popular categories on reddit, as of July 24th 2013. We don't consider these to be the best porn because they are not the best for everyone. The best porn types for men, women, and trans people can be found in the Porn Categories (B) tab. A) Porn for Men Porn for men are usually porn that is aimed at those who masturbate more than once a week. While most porn for men is a male-focused category, a few popular types of porn for men are: - Male to Female - Female to Male - Straight Men A lot of people claim that male-to-female porn is the best in the world, but they are wrong.