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Sakura sena (腹素するさい, "Sakura Sena") is a famous Japanese artist, whose works have graced the covers of several Japanese erotic magazines, and has also appeared in anime such as "Nana to Akane" (2009), "Hakuouki Kanojo" (2011), "Gakuen Erotica", and "Barely Legal". He is best known as the creator of his "Sakura Sena" paintings, which are painted on a dark brown background and are often used in anime-manga, such as "Gakuen Erotica". His work has also graced the covers of numerous porn-blogs, including "Barely Legal, Erotica Nippon, and the adult-webcomedy site, "Barely Legal". Sakura sena is also famous for his sexual drawings (see below). In Japanese porn, his name is usually "Sakura", while his picture is often called "Sakura sena" (腹素するさい, "Sakura Sena") which can be interpreted to mean "sex addict". He is also often referred to by the nickname "Sakura Sena" (腹�), which is often used for the same reason as "Sakura sena" ( 腹�, "sex addict"). Satoru Sakai is a Japanese porn director, known for his work on the Adult Video Channel.